Automatic activation number

Many organizations have an internal emergency number this is for example being used for company emergency response teams. This internal emergency number is often linked to the reception or security. They then manually start an alarm. This has a delaying effect and there is a risk that the reception or security is unoccupied.

By linking the internal emergency number to MultiBel, you ensure that all colleagues can start an alarm.

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Connection with interoffice telephone

In the interoffice telephone system, the dial-in number is linked to MultiBel. The dial-in number corresponds to a specific scenario. This activation mode does not use data, only a telephone connection. Anyone with a telephone, mobile and landline can use this.

Everyone can be an activator

During activation of a scenario you can add the nature and location of the calamity. If you also have the communication module, the activator can also communicate with the alerted persons, eg the company emergency response team members. They can give immediate instructions to limit injury or damage.

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