Lone worker app with Check In Intervals

Check in intervals for lone workers with smartphone app MultiBel's lone worker solution contains several options: fall detection emergency button motion detection check in intervals - interval control In some situations, it is sufficient to periodically check that everything is OK with the employee. Some organizations have agreed that the [...]

K21047 Wireless Silent Alarm System (WSAS) certified

MultiBel is the first company to be certified according to Kiwa K21047 Wireless Silent Alarm System (WSAS). MultiBel B.V. is the first emergency notification system to be certified according to our certification scheme Kiwa K21047 for Wireless Silent Alarm Systems. The certification is based on European standards. Our MultiBel certification [...]

Tips: fast & efficient emergency notification

Effective emergency notification vs chaos Why do some organizations alert quickly & efficiently and others don't? We are happy to provide you with a number of tools to improve the emergency notification system in order to not have chaos when structure is a prerequisite. Preventing alarm fatigue Easy [...]

Questions for selecting the best emergency response app

36 questions to select the best emergency response app There are quite some suppliers that offer an alarm app. The applications of the alarm app are many times the emergency response teams, but also lone workers, evacuations, it alerting, panic alarms, etc. The most important task of an emergency response [...]

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