Logging in MultiBel

During a crisis a lot comes your way. Reality is often different than previously thought. MultiBel starts by alerting and informing your employees. The logging module helps you manage the crisis or incident.

Users can chat in a log file, share photos and videos and set tasks. The logger can follow and record all events both via the app and via the web application. This module is also used for reporting unsafe situations.

crisis task

Task cards en plans

During the implementation phase, we process your crisis and continuity plans in MultiBel. What elements do you want to take into account? Which job descriptions must we distinguish? The reality will always be different than previously thought and that is why MultiBel can dynamically alert, adapt messages and receivers to current needs. In addition, all persons have access to the task cards and continuity plans associated with their job description.

Capture information during the crisis

The basis of the logging module is a chat function that everyone can use intuitively. Here you record decision-making, share updates, photos and videos and assign tasks to individuals. The crisis management team thus maintains an overview and knows that tasks are being carried out.

crisis logging
crisis evaluation

Crisis evaluation

All information about the crisis is logged. Who responded, how quickly everyone was on site, who performed the tasks and what did the solution look like. All this information is available for evaluation and any insurance issues.

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