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Anna Zorggroep

The Anna Zorggroep consists of the St. Anna Hospital (Geldrop / Eindhoven), Ananz (consisting of four residential care centers in Geldrop and Heeze) and the medical sports health center TopSupport (Eindhoven). The St. Anna Hospital (Geldrop and Eindhoven) is a regional hospital with almost all disciplines, more than 100 specialists and a capacity of 320 beds. The St. Anna offers personal, high-quality care and service, whereby the patient always has one-on-one contact with the specialist.

MultiBel at Anna Zorggroep

St. Anna Hospital used bell trees for the introduction of MultiBel in 2002. Because of the labor intensity and error-prone nature, an automated solution was considered. MultiBel was already quite revolutionary in all its basic simplicity, while the old MultiBel offered a lot less in functionality than the current MultiBel.

The St. Anna has recently revised the entire layout of MultiBel and redesigned the MultiBel system. This was largely done on the basis of the organization chart and all scenarios within the Integrated Crisis Plan. The scenarios cover calling the first responders for calamities to a complete Hospital Integral Crisis Plan emergency notification.

MultiBel has continuously contributed to the redesign. In an interplay we looked at the question and how the functionality can best be matched to the way in which we have to work.

The premise was “the simpler it is for the user, the better it is.” It now fits in perfectly with the way we want to work and that is partly due to the input from MultiBel, otherwise it wouldn’t have turned out the way it is now.

MultiBel is user-friendly, but because it contains a lot of data (function, telephone numbers, email addresses) a lot of work to keep track of. In the long term, the St. Anna will link MultiBel to the personnel system and this will save a lot of time in maintenance.

The scenarios in MultiBel are regularly tested (even at night) and the response is controlled. This checks the correctness of the data, the technology, but also the human side.

MultiBel is used for:

  • Emergency notification for all scenarios within the Integral Crisis Plan.