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Sanne Brandsma

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Aviation services



Cygnific provides customer service for KLM, Air France and Delta Airlines, among others. The organization is a 100% subsidiary of KLM and has a very international character. At the offices in Amsterdam and Enschede, no fewer than 18 languages are spoken by the more than 1,000 employees of 34 different nationalities.

At Cygnific, all customer service contacts with travelers, frequent flyers and travel agents are handled, by telephone, email, social media and online chat.

MultiBel at Cygnific

The first contact with MultiBel was made in 2017 when they were looking for an emergency response system for emergency response. The radios for the emergency response team needed to be replaced and MultiBel seemed to be the solution. However, not all emergency responders at Cygnific had a mobile work phone. Partly because of the privacy of these employees, it was decided to purchase new, better radios.

In 2018, a project was started at Cygnific to create a new Business Continuity Plan. It is important for Business Continuity that a crisis team must come together very quickly. In the past, a telephone boom was used, but that did not work well enough. MultiBel emerged as a solution in the project. MultiBel currently contains 5 scenarios; Crisis team and a number of test scenarios.

The implementation of MultiBel has gone smoothly.

It is very nice that you can always call so that the helpdesk or account manager can think along or watch. MultiBel is very easy to use at the same time. The system works very intuitively: it has buttons and fields with a clear explanation.

A scenario is usually started via the app, but it can also be done by telephone or via the website. We have made a quick reference card for the employees to support them.

MultiBel application at Cygnific:

  • Emergency notification for Business Continuity