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Extra hands during the night

The Twentse Zorgcentra are the largest provider of care and services to people with intellectual disabilities in Twente. More than 1,900 clients use various forms of care and services, which are provided directly or indirectly by 2,400 employees and more than 600 volunteers.

MultiBel at de Twentse Zorgcentra

The Twente Care Centers got to know MultiBel through the GHOR Twente. Within the GHOR Twente, the project “Extra Hands in the Night” was defined and a project group was looking for a system to support the solution. MultiBel was asked for this project to look into the problem and to help solve it.

Before MultiBel was introduced, paging was the way to summon people.

With MultiBel, a larger group of people can be reached than before with the paging.

People are now called via the landline, mobile phone and SMS messages are received. In addition, it is possible to see in the report how many people have responded to the call. On the basis of the report, it is assessed whether sufficient people come to help or whether further actions (other scenarios within MultiBel) should be initiated.

At Twente Care Centers, MultiBel is not only used for “Extra Hands in the Night”. When the choice was made for MultiBel, the organization started looking at the other options for using MultiBel. It is now also used in the case of, for example, the loss of a client. Within the Twente Care Centers, MultiBel provides support in a form of neighborly assistance. These neighbors are then their own locations, which are close to each other. Neighbors can also be DTZC employees who live in the immediate vicinity of the alarming location. The reports do not necessarily concern extreme calamities, but also situations where extra help is needed.

Because MultiBel is used relatively frequently (due to the use of MultiBel for neighborly assistance, for example), no additional training is required for the exercise in the use of MultiBel. However, there is extra practice with extreme calamities and then the conference call module is involved in the exercise.

MultiBel is used for:

  • Alarms and communication for the Emergency Service