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Meander Medisch Centrum

Esther BeerisJan van Dam en Floris Verhijde

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Meander Medical Center is a hospital in Amersfoort. It has a location hospital in Baarn and outpatient clinics in Barneveld, Leusden and De Nije Veste in Nijkerk.

MultiBel at Meander Medisch Centrum

Before the introduction of MultiBel, use was made of CERT call trees / call lists, which have a departmental and discipline-related structure. These were activated by the emergency response officers or the reception staff.

MultiBel is flexible and easy to use. We can make the calls quickly and easily. We are also pleased with the manual. We have no experience with the MultiBel helpdesk, because we never needed it. We can describe the contact with our regular contacts of MultiBel as “thinking along in the right solution for us”.

MultiBel is used in the calamities and communication in the 1st and 2nd phase. MultiBel is also occasionally used as an information medium. Experience with this is also good, both for the sender and the recipient.

The emergency response team leaders practice alarms on a weekly basis. This is done as a transfer of a service on Friday afternoon / early evening. In addition, the entire ER is practiced three times a year. There are no measurable differences in confirmation rates during the exercises for the emergency response team.

In addition, a MultiBel call is activated once every two weeks by the Crisis Management and Integral Security coordinator according to schedule. This is to test preparedness and to maintain knowledge and application of the method.

MultiBel is used for:

  • Alerting and communication within the Integral Crisis Plan / Hospital Disaster Relief Plan (ZiROP)

  • Emergency notification and communication of the CERT