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Municipality Schagen

Anja van Egmond

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Gemeente Schagen

MultiBel at Municipality Schagen

How was the process for emergency notification in the Municipality of Schagen before MultiBel was used?

In an emergency, you could call our emergency number (998). By calling this number, all fixed telephones of the Emergency Response Officers rang. But if one ERO answered the phone, the telephone circle would stop and the other emergency response officers would not be informed.

Why was MultiBel chosen?

The ICT department chose MultiBel because positive experiences had been heard about it. We really wanted a system with which we could make calls via mobile phones. As of December 2017, all employees of the municipality are equipped with a mobile phone. By making use of this, the emergence of emergency response officers or the Emergency Team is greater in the event of an emergency, so that action can be taken more quickly!

How did the delivery or implementation go?

Fast and smooth! I had a lot of contact with Maikel during the implementation, and he guided me very well to master the system. All questions were answered quickly by email, and Maikel also assisted me well by phone. As a result, I quickly knew how the system worked and how it should be set up.

For which scenarios is MultiBel used?

We use MultiBel for the emergency response team and the Alarm/ Crisis Team. The system can be armed by pressing an emergency button, by activating the fire alarm, or by reporting a calamity at the reception.

How often do you practice?

We practice with the emergency response team and the Alarm/ Crisis Team at least twice a year.

Is the support of the helpdesk and are the online manuals as desired?

I experience the support as very pleasant and effective! Time is taken for all my questions. The online manuals have helped me a lot in setting up the system.

How is user-friendliness perceived?

MultiBel is a very clear and user-friendly system. It was actually clear to me very quickly how the system works and how it should be set up.

Are functionalities missed within MultiBel?

No, the system is complete for the municipality of Schagen!

MultiBel is used for:

  • Emergency notification for CERT

  • Connection with alarm button

  • Connection with Fire Alarm System