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Philips Medical Systems is a versatile technology company focused on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovations. Our healthcare industry generates 42% of our total sales.

With a centuries-old history and more than 450 innovative products and services, we are ready to meet today’s challenges in healthcare. To do this, we create solutions for better care for more people at lower costs.

Our more than 37,000 employees in 100 countries have made it their business to give you meaningful moments of care, whether in the hospital, in the living room or in the boardroom. See how we work together for a healthier future.

MultiBel at Philips Medical Systems

Philips Medical Systems previously used a product similar to MultiBel. However, there were malfunctions in the technology. We couldn’t get involved with a technical problem from the supplier, so we looked for an alternative.

We were looking for a provider who could take a 1-to-1 call. A text message may be delayed, an app or an email may not be received, but when they call, they know whether they have an answer or not. There were other providers in this market, but they never had one of these things. They often had no telephone connection or it did not work well. While this was just an important condition for us.

We started a pilot project with MultiBel. The test with MultiBel was positive and reliable. We also got in touch with references from MultiBel to see how it works there. These references point to MultiBel’s experience and reliability. The ease of use of MultiBel and the relatively low cost were not unimportant, although we can send a lot of messages with it.

It is striking that MultiBel thinks well, quickly tackles the problem and resolves it. The customer’s experience is clearly incorporated into the system. In the new product we recognize our wishes and visions expressed in the preliminary talks.

Now that we know that MultiBel works well and that we have confidence in the system. We want to establish a connection with the fire alarm center in the near future.

MultiBel is used here for:

  • Alerting company first aiders