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Soma College

SOMA College is the largest specialized vocational training for infrastructure in the Netherlands. SOMA College currently offers 12 vocational training courses in infrastructure. Since 1958, the number of participants has grown from 24 to approximately 850-900 participants per year. About 80 employees work at SOMA College.

MultiBel at SOMA College

Before the introduction of MultiBel, an internal calling system was used whereby people had to gather at the reception for the issue of Walkie-talkies.

“MultiBel is user-friendly, easy to use and offers various options. The implementation process is very well supported and executed from MultiBel. Where you as a user are not at risk of getting out, the service from MultiBel is easily accessible and very service-oriented. We are very satisfied with that. ”

Currently, SOMA College uses MultiBel only for alerting the emergency response team. The module to communicate immediately after the emergency call is also available, but is only used in a practice situation. The goal is that the team leaders use this module in the first phase of a call.

“Attendance registration was a useful tool during the implementation (to check whether all apps are setup properly). For me, as head of CERT, it is now especially a good way to monitor whether sufficient staff is available. ”

MultiBel is used for:

  • Emergency notification of the CERT.