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Treant Care group

Antoon van Melis

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Hoogeveen, Emmen and Stadskanaal/ NL


Hospitals and Residential Care


Treant Zorggroep

The Treant Zorggroep combines the strengths of 3 hospital locations and 17 centers for nursing and elderly care. The Treant Zorggroep has 250 medical specialists and 6,500 employees.

MultiBel at Treant Care group

A bell boom was in use before the introduction of MultiBel. MultiBel makes it possible to reach all people directly. This saves a lot of time at the moment and time is precious.

The Treant Care group practices monthly with MultiBel. There are 16 people who can activate MultiBel. By practicing, these people and those called upon remain familiar with the system. Being able to activate online (instead of by telephone) makes selecting the right scenario easier and reduces the risk of errors.

MultiBel is a company that thinks along with its customers, that is very important! Companies that think along and come up with creative ideas that grow enormously.

MultiBel is used for:

  • Alarm and communication for Integral Crisis Plan in the hospital

  • Alarm and communication for emergency response.