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Van der Wiel Holding

J.H. Babois

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Transport, Infrastructure and the Environment, Construction and residual materials, Engineering bureau and Biogas


Van der Wiel Holding

Van der Wiel Holding BV is one of the larger companies in the Northern Netherlands with 200 employees and a turnover of 50 million euros. A versatile company: strong in transport and trade, the realization of infrastructures and environmental works, but also in biogas. In addition, the participaties form an important part of Van der Wiel.

Van der Wiel is a company with tradition, but also strongly focused on innovation. Experienced and well-trained specialists, the application of new technologies and a modern machine park form the basis of this solid company.

MultiBel at van der Wiel Holding BV

Van der Wiel Holding uses MultiBel to alert the emergency response team. Various scenarios have been implemented for this in MultiBel. Think of: AED with CERY, CERT and Fire and Evacuation. The scenarios are used for the offices, the workshop and the outside area.

“What we have seen so far is very user-friendly. A staff member was added to the system and we were able to add it without difficulty and include it in the alarm.”

Before MultiBel, the operator / receptionist used a list of emergency response officers who could be called up in the event of an incident / emergency.

“The reason we chose MultiBel is that we can immediately see which ER officers are present. It is true that we have a team of about 20 emergency response officers ready, but it is good to know which emergency response officers are actually present in the event of an emergency. Just think about the availability around the holiday periods. ”

Van der Wiel Holding has arranged for the emergency response trainer MultiBel to be included in the refresher course for the emergency response officers. This was easy to organize because the repetition is organized internally at the company.

“As the system was presented in the initial phase, it was actually implemented. No promises that ultimately could not be fulfilled. ”

MultiBel is used for:

  • Emergency notification of the CERT.