MultiBel is used by hotels to alert the hotel emergency response team, hotel security service, hotel first aid or hotel on-call workers. In the event of an emergency, malfunction or aggression, an alarm can be started via (mobile) emergency buttons, an internal emergency number, an app, online via the reception or by linked sensors. The automatic attendance registration makes it possible to alert only persons present in the hotel.

In the event of a hotel fire, the entire building must be alerted. The sooner staff and guests are informed, the less risk of injury. MultiBel can be linked to the fire alarm system of the hotel and serve as an evacuation system. If desired, this can even be certified based on your smartphones. Recipients of the alarm receive clear instructions including task maps and flight plans.

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Emergency Response Team

Personal injury, an evacuation during a major event, or worse, a nighttime fire evacuation. With MultiBel you notify and communicate quickly and effectively with all emergency response team members or designated persons. Everyone knows what needs to be done and with a few simple actions everyone is immediately alarmed.

Emergency button

Unfortunately, the people front desk/ hotel reception desk regularly have to deal with aggressive visitors. An emergency button or panic button ensures that colleagues are quickly informed and can assist the hotel receptionist.

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At night, the number of staff members is the lowest and the number of guests the highest; an annoying combination for a nighttime evacuation. In addition, hotel guests often only respond to an alarm signal when they smell smoke or see flames. Clear information by immediately sending all guests a spoken message over the telephone improves flight behavior.

Fire in a hotel

Complete your fire alarm with MultiBel. If the fire alarm goes off in a hotel, this will be reported to the control room / fire brigade as soon as possible. That is not all. Staff and guests also need to be informed quickly. The emergency response team, evacuation officers and management are very important to keep the damage as low as possible. Connect the fire alarm system of your hotel to MultiBel and all relevant persons will be notified within seconds. Read further for more information about how MultiBel can be a useful addition to your fire alarm system.

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Working alone during the night

Whether it is the receptionist, the doorman or someone from the technical service. At hotels, there are less colleagues present during the night than during the day. MultiBel offers numerous solutions to guarantee the safety of these lone workers. Through the lone worker app they have an emergency button, fall detection, interval control or no-movement control. What happens next depends on your wishes. An alarm to a control room or colleagues, both are possible.

Communicatie with the walkie-talkie app

In general hotels are large and employees are almost never in the same place. They can still communicate directly with each other via the MultiBel walkie-talkie app. For example, you can communicate quickly during evictions. But can the doorman also keep the rest of the staff informed, for example, when there is crowds at the entrance or when drunk/annoying/aggressive guests are approaching.

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Jens Beerkens,
Sales Consultant MultiBel

Many hotels have part of the staff equipped with pagers. Personnel often change, pagers have to be transferred, but that does not always happen. And then? Then something happens that requires an entire hotel to be evacuated. It is then of great importance that the correct instructions reach the entire staff immediately.

More info about the use of MultiBel at hotels?

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    Maikel Wijman,
    Sales Consultant MultiBel

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