Emergency notification system
in case of incidents, calamities, disruptions, and crises

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MultiBel is an automatic alerting system that can be used to quickly, easily, and reliably contact a group of persons in case of incidents, calamities, disruptions, and crises. It can be used for company first aid alarms, evacuations, IT and production disruptions, and to call on intervention teams. Rapid and effective alerts save time, mitigate consequential damage, and ensures continuity.


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Meander medisch centrum

Esther Beeris, Crisis Management and Integral Safety consultant, and MultiBel administrator

MultiBel is flexible and easy to use. We can easily and quickly set up the calls. We are also happy with the manual. We have no experience with the MultiBel helpdesk, as we have never needed it. We can describe the contact with MultiBel as “contributing to the solution that is right for us”.

MultiBel is used at the Meander Medisch Centrum for alerts and communication with the Hospital Disaster Response Plan (ZiROP) and for the company first aid process.

Gemeente Den Helder

Marco Bakker, System Administrator

The Municipality of Den Helder previously worked with an on-site solution of a different provider. We looked for an alternative which is easier to scale up and more flexible, offers more certainty with respect to the alarms, and is also more accessible to the users.


Pieter Beks, Software Designer and CFA Head Official

We were looking for a provider able to enter into a one-on-one conversation. A text message can be delayed, and app or email may not arrive, but a phone call lets you know whether or not you receive an answer. There were other market parties, but they always lacked one of these things. They often lacked the phone connection, or it did not work properly. While this is an important requirement for us.

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“The MultiBel system works very well for us, as a chemical company; we can immediately scale up from the moment of the alarm, enabling us to immediately initiate actions to get control over the calamity.”
Robin Kruiswijk, Environmental, Health & Safety Officer at a chemical company in Naarden
“A crisis is an unexpected event which disrupts the regular operational processes and can potentially cause a lot of damage. A sound preparation in combination with the MultiBel system mitigates the damage.”
Wouter Hermsen, owner of MultiBel BV
“Experience has shown that alarm calls send to and communication with emergency responders are often not arranged effectively. Communication is poor in about 80% of the drills and calamities, resulting in slow evacuations and emergency responders arriving at the wrong location or encountering a closed gate.”
Pieter Diehl, Chairman of the Beroepsvereniging Arbo Adviseurs & Higher Safety Expert training programme (PHOV)

“A regional MultiBel drill took place on 6 June 2016. During this drill, 4 hospitals activated MultiBel at the same time to test its capacity. MultiBel is able to process the calls between the staff members of the four different hospitals at the same time.”

Emergency notification system

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