MultiBel is used by municipalities to call the emergency response team, intervention teams, repair technicians, snow plow call out services, etc. An alarm often starts from a customer contact center, via emergency buttons or from an internal emergency number. The automatic attendance registration prevents people from being called who are not there at all. In addition, it also provides insight into the emergency response staff per location.


Panic button/ emergency button

Unfortunately, municipality desk clerks regularly have to deal with aggressive visitors. An emergency button or panic button ensures that the intervention teams are quickly informed and can assist.

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Emergency staff alerting

MultiBel is also used for emergency staff alerting and communication in large calamities. How do I reach all my officials in the event of a terrorist threat, natural disaster, large-scale electricity outage, youth problem, etc.?

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Emergency Response Team

Municipalities often use MultiBel for emergency response alarms. As a result of “The New Way of Working”, civil servants themselves determine where they work. As a result, it is often lacking insight into whether there are sufficient emergency response officers in the various buildings. This problem is solved by the automatic presence registration of MultiBel. You always have real-time insight into who is available and you have the choice: alert everyone or only people present.

With MultiBel you can also make an alarm based on a schedule. Users can trade on-call shifts among themselves.

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municipality assen

Ben de Geest,

The building in which we work is large. It is necessary to have a good (reliable and simple) solution for alerting the emergency response team / first aid officials. MultiBel was already chosen in 2007 as the emergency response alarm system.

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Gemeente Schagen

Anja van Egmond,

We really wanted a system with which we send alerts and calls by mobile phones. As of December 2017, all employees of the municipality are equipped with a mobile phone. By making use of this, the turnout of Emergency Response Officers or the Emergency Team is greater in the event of a calamity, so that action can be taken more quickly!

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Gemeente Den Helder

Marco Bakker,
Roel Wierda,

The Municipality of Den Helder used to work with a solution on location from another provider. An alternative was sought that is more easily scalable and flexible, offers more security in the alarms and is also more accessible to the user.

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Marcel Sandmann,
Sales Manager MultiBel GmbH

Employees can use MultiBel to immediately warn a specific group of people. This often takes place via a front desk, permanently installed emergency buttons / panic buttons or an internal emergency number. Automatic presence registration prevents people who are not on site from being warned. The feedback function gives you real-time information as to whether enough emergency responders can help. If this is not the case, additional persons are automatically alerted via an alarm cascade.

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Whitepaper Municipalities

Read in our whitepaper how MultiBel is used in municipalities
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    Olivier Nieland,
    Account Manager MultiBel