Educational institutions

MultiBel is used in educational institutions to quickly alert a group of people. MultiBel creates a common image more quickly and everyone knows what is expected of them.

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Emergency Response Team

A collision in the schoolyard, a fall from the gym equipment, an accident with hazardous substances. Rapid communication with the emergency response officers in education is of great importance for the safety and health of teachers and students.

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Presence registration

The investigation of risks determines how many emergency response officers the school needs. Illnesses, holidays, multiple buildings, schedules, all causes that often prevent the minimum being achieved in practice. With MultiBel you always have insight into the actual number of emergency response officers present, you can analyze the daily presence and you are able to call only those present.


Panic button / emergency button

Unfortunately, schools regularly deal with aggressive students and fights. A fixed or portable emergency button or panic button ensures that colleagues are quickly informed and can assist.

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Soma College

M. Ruiter,

MultiBel is user-friendly, easy to use and offers various options. The implementation process is very well supported and executed by MultiBel. When you as a user have issues in understanding the system and cannot resolve it, the service from MultiBel is easily accessible and very service-oriented. We are very satisfied.

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Maurits Knopjes,
Owner MultiBel

Many schools do not have or have an outdated crisis communication system, they often rely entirely on a slow whoop, phone lists or pagers. The realization dawns that it must be better organized. What if something happens to us? Teachers have to deal with aggressive students, accidents with injuries occur, a fire makes that the school has to be evacuated or the school is faced with a terrorist threat. A good emergency notification system in combination with good preparation saves time, improves communication and limits subsequent damage.

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Whitepaper Educational institutions in the Netherlands

Read in our whitepaper how MultiBel is used at educational institutions in the Netherlands.
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    Olivier Nieland,
    Account Manager MultiBel