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How does MultiBel improve the Fire Notification process?

By linking your fire alarm control panel or fire alarm installation with MultiBel, emergency services or evacuation will be initiated more quickly in the event of a fire alarm. If a fire detector indicates a fire, an alarm is automatically sent to the (present) Emergency Response Officers, manager, internal fire brigade, evacuators, management or crisis team. This NEN-EN 54 certified fire alarm ensures that the fire can be verified faster, evacuations are initiated faster and damage is limited. MultiBel can also be used as a NEN2575-4 silent alarm certified evacuation system. This is, in the Netherlands a requirement in for instance hospitals, nursing homes and care homes.

For the company, the insurer and the government (fire brigade), linking your fire alarm system with MultiBel means a reduction in damage. After all, it is precisely the first minutes of a fire that are crucial to intervene.

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The power of the MultiBel Fire Notification System


Fire notification system works with presence registration

With MultiBel you also immediately have automatic presence registration. If your fire alarm system generates an fire notification, you can choose to alert only those people who are present at the location or to send a fire alert to everyone. You can also be automatically alerted in the event of understaffing per location and function.

Communication in case of fire

With the communication module, all parties involved can communicate directly with each other after the fire alarm. This can be done via the walkie-talkie function of the app and / or conference call. Everyone receives the fire alarm message and can then immediately coordinate with each other, ideal for the crisis team, company fire department or the emergency response officers. This creates a common image much faster.

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NEN-certificate & monitoring

Hardware is required to connect MultiBel to your fire panel. This IP detector is NEN-EN 54 certified and works with the SIA protocol and ESPA 4.4.4 alarm protocol. This makes sure that you can send an fire notification with the exact location of the fire. The IP detector is connected to MultiBel via your network connection with a SIM card with mobile data as a backup. The connection is monitored 24/7.

You can also go a step further and use MultiBel as a NEN2575-4 silent alarm evacuation system. The alarms then take place via the smartphones, as a replacement for the pagers and support transmitters.

Fire Notification System with five-fold certainty

MultiBel different channels to alert the right people in the event of a fire. The way in which someone can be reached differs per person but also per moment. The more channels you use, the greater the chance that the person will be reached quickly, including breaking the silent mode of your mobile phone. When your fire alarm system is linked, an alarm is first sent via the app, there is no response, MultiBel automatically switches to spoken messages to a maximum of 10 telephone numbers per person, we send an email and a text message. Until enough people confirm the fire notification. In addition, MultiBel can also reach pagers if necessary.






MultiBel Professional works with predefined scenarios. A raging fire in a large organization requires action by a different group of people and different instructions than a small fire in the bicycle shed. You can create unlimited scenarios, functions and locations. Each group hears and reads the instructions associated with his or her role.




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    Olivier Nieland,
    Account Manager MultiBel

    DSM Coating Resins B.V.: M. van Hierden

    The reliability is higher than the pager system.

    Signify: F. Smits and P. de Wildt

    Notifications from the Fire Alarm Panel are automatically forwarded to the Emergency Response Officers.

    Efectis Nederland BV: R. de Feijter

    Since February 2019 we have been using the Multibel app at Efectis. In addition to a manual alarm via a tablet at the reception, we also opted for automatic alarm in the event of a fire and the use of the emergency buttons in our fire lab via the IP detector. We have defined different groups in Multibel (first aid, first aid, breathing apparatus and crisis team), so that we can call on the right people at any time.

    Hazera Seeds BV: J. Trienes

    The system works easily and clearly. Recently, the English application is also available.

    H. Dekker

    We recently switched to MultiBel and this to our complete satisfaction!

    Municipality Schagen: A. van Egmond

    MultiBel is a very clear and user-friendly system. It was actually clear to me very quickly how the system works and how it should be set up.

    Municipality Den Helder: M. Bakker and R. Wierda

    MultiBel still meets our expectations, a good product with good support and good implementation. Elements such as the test modes indicate that the application of the product and its users has been carefully considered.

    C. Gather

    I know MultiBel as a great application that can be used to quickly alert the first responders in the company. It is also really good that in the event of an alarm, the available information about the person is spoken and then also sent directly. MultiBel offers a very practical solution that is really recommended!


    Excellent and reliable calling system. company with good service and adequate support.

    K. Hedke

    As a safety engineer, I can highly recommend the Multibel system because it is suitable for a variety of application areas. These range from the safe organization of the sole workstation, to first aid and fire protection, right through to house technology. Thanks to the flexible modular system, every company can find it across industries individually fitting product. The users like the uncomplicated and well-functioning technology. If necessary, support from the competent and friendly staff is guaranteed at all times!