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MultiBel offers an alert solution which enables companies to respond more quickly to critical events, to get people to safety faster, and to ensure the business continuity. Our customers use MultiBel for, CFA, fire, evacuations, disruptions, IT issues, and aggression.

We cannot prevent these calamities but can help you mitigate the damage. Our customers are our most important innovation partners. Together, we work on offering the best possible alarm solution to our customers, now and in the future.

Our greatest appreciation comes from our customers, who rate us an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

“MultiBel is flexible and user-friendly. We can make the calls quickly and easily. We are also pleased with the manual. We have no experience with the MultiBel helpdesk, because we never needed it.”
“We were looking for a provider that could make a 1 to 1 call. A text message can be delayed, an app or an email cannot be received/ read, but with a phone call you know whether or not you have an answer. There were other suppliers but they always didn’t have one of those things. Especially the telephone connection they often did not have, or it did not work properly. While this is a heavy requirement for us.”
“The MultiBel system can easily follow our growing organization.”
Frans Smits, Signify
“Since the introduction of the MultiBel app, everyone has responded well to the notifications. If there is no response to the alarm via app, one will of course also be called.”
Sebastiaan Luijendijk, MarFlex
“It is very nice that you can always call so that the helpdesk or account manager can think along or watch. MultiBel is very easy to use at the same time. The system works very intuitively: it has buttons and fields with a clear explanation.”
Sanne Brandsma, Cygnific
“The MultiBel system works very well for us, as a chemical company; we can immediately scale up from the moment of the alarm, enabling us to immediately initiate actions to get control over the calamity.”
Robin Kruiswijk, Environmental, Health & Safety officer at a chemical company in Naarden
“A regional MultiBel drill took place on 6 June 2016. During this drill, 4 hospitals activated MultiBel at the same time to test its capacity. MultiBel is able to process the calls between the staff members of the four different hospitals at the same time.”
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MultiBel Team

Wouter Hermsen
Wouter HermsenOwner
Maurits Knopjes
Maurits KnopjesOwner
Karlijn van Dongen
Karlijn van DongenMarketing Manager
Marcel Sandmann
Marcel SandmannSales Manager D-A-CH
Olivier Nieland
Olivier NielandAccount Manager
Maikel Wijman
Maikel WijmanAccount Manager
Tom Bontes
Tom BontesAccount Manager
Jens Beerkens
Jens BeerkensAccount Manager
Niklas Ey
Niklas EyAccount Manager
Claudia Trampler
Claudia TramplerInside sales
Andy Gielen
Andy Gielen Customer support Manager
Lisanne Tielen
Lisanne TielenCustomer support
Daniel Topoll
Daniel Topoll Customer support
Kee Schellekens
Kee SchellekensCustomer support
Tom Pelzer
Tom PelzerICT
Marijke Hardt
Marijke Hardt Back-office

History of MultiBel


Rob Planken establishes MultiBel. New Targets Securities is the first customer and they send voice messages to customers with buying advice for BlackBerry stock.


Twenty hospitals use MultiBel to quickly alert staff in the event of a large-scale emergency.


MultiBel can call more than 1,000 people simultaneously.


Wouter Hermsen and Maurits Knopjes are the new owners of MultiBel. MultiBel offers an availability of 99.9% via an SLA.


MultiBel welcomes the 10th employee, starts developing the app and offers a certified link with fire panels and emergency buttons.


MultiBel introduces a free calling system MultiBel Standard.


MultiBel opens the German branch.


More than 1,000 customers use MultiBel and guaranteed availability is increased to 99.95%.


MultiBel is the first Cloud solution to be certified as NEN2575-4 evacuation system.


The MultiBel app is certified according to K21023 for the mobile security of persons.

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    Olivier Nieland,
    Account Manager MultiBel