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Alert on-call with MultiBel

On-call service alerting system are used for employees who, as part of their employment, must be available and reachable in the event of calamities or other unforeseen work. Their work can be either scheduled or unpredicted which is mostly depending on the nature of the profession (for instance doctors, veterinarians, IT Professionals, engineers, emergency services, etc). Contacting the person based on their duty rosters, availability and skills is made easy with MultiBel.

As a on-call service alerting system, MultiBel offers three practical solutions. You can quickly notify your employees via the on-call service app, employees can easily exchange the on-call service with each other and you can automatically have a replacement called (based on skills) if the employee on duty does not respond. However, MultiBel is much more than just a on-call service app. It is a full-fledged alerting system with many other practical functionalities. You can for instance also communicate directly via the walkie-talkie app, the presence of the technicians is monitored and you can log the approach to the malfunction.

MultiBel can be used for many applications, such as emergency response, lone workers, evacuations, technical failures, IT problems, emergency buttons, etc. Our users are municipalities, industry, logistics, healthcare and almost half of the Dutch hospitals.

On-call service alerting in detail

On call duty app

On-call duty – swap shifts

With the MultiBel on-call service app, your employees can easily exchange their service shifts amongst each other. You can link the duty roster to MultiBel manually or automatically. If an employee wants to exchange the on-call service, the position and/or location of the employee is taken into account. The exchange is not active until the chosen colleague accepts the request.

On-call service system automatically provides a replacement

If the person that is alerted does not respond, or does not respond fast enough, our on-call alerting system will automatically notify a replacement. No time is wasted with slow call lists. This way you are assured of sufficient help. In addition, you may need more than 1 employee, eg if the nature of the calamity requires 10 experts. You can set up our alerting system in such a way that the system automatically stops alarming when that number experts has been reached.

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Overview of duty rosters

Users have insight into their own schedule in the MultiBel On-call app. It is also possible to view the duty rosters from the web application.

Alert on-call with five-fold certainty

On-call service alerting is done through 5 different channels. The way in which someone can be reached differs per person but also per moment. The more channels you use to alert your employees, the greater the chance that that person will be reached, even if your own infrastructure is damaged by the disaster.






MultiBel reaches the people via the on-call service app, in case there is no response, the person is called on a maximum of 10 telephone numbers per person, we send an email, SMS and can also alert pagers. Until the person confirms that he can / cannot respond to the service request.




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Internally, it ensures more job satisfaction because our technicians are no longer called out of bed unnecessarily at night.

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    On-call service – reach people based on their duty rosters

    With MultiBel you can alarm ten, hundreds or even thousands of people simultaneously. Because the employees can also indicate within how much time they are available, you can monitor and analyze all relevant information in real time and, if necessary, initiate follow-up steps.

    Customers have been choosing our on-call alerting service for over 20 years because of the simplicity, reliability and technical functionalities of the system. More than 1,000 customers also choose our service because it does not require any hardware investments. MultiBel runs as a Cloud solution in secure data centers and is therefore also available if your own infrastructure no longer functions due to a disaster.

    Losing unnecessary time by processing slow call lists, SMS, email or WhatsApp communication can easily be prevented with MultiBel.