What is the method of MultiBel?

Method MultiBel

1. Start the alert

It should not matter how you wish to start an alert, as this can differ in each situation. You can start MultiBel Professional:

  • the MultiBel app
  • a website application
  • a phone, mobile and landline
  • an email
  • a mobile or fixed emergency button
  • a connected fire alarm system
  • an IoT sensor or software application
  • an API, etc.

2. Reach the persons

How the person is reached does not matter, as long as the message arrives – quickly. You can choose from the following channels when using MultiBel:

  • Push notification from the MultiBel app
  • Calls to 10 phone numbers per person
  • Email
  • Text message
  • Pager

MultiBel interrupts the do-not-disturb mode and uses all channels until the person confirms or rejects the call.

3. Track the result

You can track the responses to the alert in real time using the app and online. This enables you to adapt your crisis approach where necessary:

  • Have I received sufficient confirmations?
  • How long will it take before they will arrive?
  • Who will come, and who will not?
  • Do I want to send follow-up instructions to everyone who confirmed the alert?

The power of MultiBel

capaciteit MultiBel

Capacity and availability

You can contact thousands of people simultaneously using app, phone, email, and text message.

MultiBel does not use your phone lines and no hardware has to be purchased.

MultiBel can also interrupt the do-not-disturb mode of mobile phones.

Presence registration

MultiBel provides you with automatic presence registration. This enables you to determine whether you wish to contact everyone or just the persons present in each scenario. The registration is done through Wi-Fi, geofencing, Bluetooth beacons or manually.

You can also track the (CFA) occupancy per location in real time and analyse this using a report. Do I always have sufficient people available at each location? The understaffing alarm detects and automatically sends a notice if there are too few people present in each position at a location.

control room


MultiBel is a SaaS product – Software as a Service – and works fully independent from your own infrastructure.

This means that the system will also work if your own infrastructure has been damaged by fire, a power outage, or water.

This is important, as most fires occur in the own IT infrastructure (source: Statistics Netherlands).


MultiBel uses hardware redundancy, divided over 3 geographically separated data centres. If one of the systems suffers an outage, the other systems will take over the duties.

The systems are monitored 24/7.

All customer data is stored in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Datacenter MultiBel

Multiple communication channels

The manner in which somebody can be contacted differs per person and moment. This is why MultiBel uses multiple channels to send simultaneous alarms. This maximises the chance that the person will be reached, even if no Wi-Fi is available due to the calamity, for example.






MultiBel Professional works with predefined scenarios. A spread fire requires action by another group of people and instructions other than a technical failure or an accident with injury. You can create unlimited scenarios, functions and locations. Each group hears and reads the instructions associated with his or her role.

Links with surrounding software & hardware

IoT sensors, fire panels, emergency buttons, HRM packages, monitoring software, all examples of soft- and hardware that can be linked to MultiBel to ensure the follow-up for malfunctions and calamities.

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