How does MultiBel work?

MultiBel Professional is a modular system, with a basic module and expansion modules. With the Standard module, you have a full-fledged alarm system with which you can alert, inform and communicate. Utilizing the expansion modules, you can add desired functionalities.

In the diagram below, we distinguish between starting an alarm, reaching the person, and (following up) the result.

MultiBel Method

1. Start the alert

How you want to start an alarm call should not matter, as it may vary from case to case:

  • the MultiBel app
  • Web application
  • Dial-in number
  • Email
  • Personal security app
  • Mobile or fixed emergency button
  • Linked fire alarm control panel
  • Hardware sensor or software application

2. Reach the persons

How the person is reached does not matter, as long as the message arrives – quickly. You can choose from the following channels when using MultiBel:

  • Push notification from the MultiBel app
  • Calls to 10 phone numbers per person
  • Email
  • Text message
  • Desktop alert

MultiBel interrupts the do-not-disturb mode and uses all channels until the person confirms or rejects the call.

3. Track the result

Responses to an alert can be tracked in real time through the app’s dashboard and online. Have enough people confirmed the call? Do I want to send follow-up instructions to everyone who has confirmed?

Communication can take place through our chat module, conference call and walkie-talkie app.

The Critical Event Management module allows your crisis team to respond faster to emergencies, limit damage and ensure continuity.

The technology behind MultiBel

capaciteit MultiBel

Capacity and availability

You can reach 5 but also 5,000 people within seconds. For each scenario, it is predetermined who should receive which message and you will receive feedback on whether the people are available. MultiBel does not use your telephone lines for the telephony part, no hardware needs to be purchased.


MultiBel is a SaaS service, Software as a Service, and functions as a mission critical solution completely separate from your own infrastructure. This allows the system to work even if your own infrastructure is damaged by fire, power failure or a hacker attack.

MultiBel is proud to be the first Cloud solution certified to serve as a healthcare evacuation system. We guarantee through an SLA a system availability of 99.95%.

control room
quiet alarm

Attention value

The MultiBel app breaks the silence of iOS and Android devices in the event of an emergency alert. As a result, an alarm has a very high attention value.

For slightly less urgent calls, eg a minor technical fault, you can also only use telephony, email and SMS. This way you are assured of follow-up, but you do not disturb colleagues who have their phones on silent.


MultiBel uses hardware redundancy, divided over 3 geographically separated data centres. If one of the systems suffers an outage, the other systems will take over the duties.

The systems are monitored 24/7.

All customer data is stored in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. Naturally, both MultiBel and our data centers have the ISO27001 certification.

Datacenter MultiBel

Multiple communication channels

MultiBel uses multiple channels to send alarms simultaneously to increase the likelihood of reaching someone, as the way to contact a person may vary depending on the situation and individual. This method ensures that individuals can be contacted even if there is no Wi-Fi available due to an emergency or other factors. 






MultiBel Professional works with predefined scenarios. A spreading fire requires action by another group of people and instructions other than a technical failure or an accident with injury. You can create unlimited scenarios, functions, and locations. Each group hears and reads the instructions associated with his or her role.

Curious about all the functionalities?

Lone worker protection, attendance registration, walkie-talkie function, link fire panel or fire alarm software, critical event management? Check out what MultiBel offers.

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    Maikel Wijman,
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