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Hospital Mass Emergency Notification System MultiBel

For the Hospital Notification System also called Healthcare Mass Emergency Notification System, almost half of the Dutch hospitals rely on the MultiBel hospital calling system. MultiBel empowers hospitals to deliver timely, targeted emergency alerts. Do you want to alert ten, hundreds or thousands of people? MultiBel can notify them all simultaneously. It is traditionally used to summon people from outside to inside, but can now also be used as a certified silent alarm evacuation system to instruct people during an evacuation of the hospital.

You determine the scenarios you want to use for the mass emergency notification in advance. A good hospital notification system saves time and limits damage, both in the event of a hospital evacuation and in a scenario where people from outside have to be called in, such as to open a second OR.

Hospitals choose MultiBel for their emergency preparedness for over 25 years because of its simplicity, reliability and technical possibilities. MultiBel is also used as a security platform in case of aggression, to call the Emergency Response Team or to manage a crisis. More than 1,000 customers have chosen our cloud alarm solution because it requires no hardware investment. MultiBel runs in secure data centres and we guarantee 99.95% availability via a service level agreement.

The power of the MultiBel Mass Emergency Hospital Notification System

Hospital Notification System

Hospital Crisis Plan: most used modules

A commonly used module is the communication module. Using the push-to-talk walkie-talkie application and/or conference call, people can communicate directly with each other without the need for an additional device. The Critical Event Management module allows you to ensure that your crisis response minimises damage and your crisis team remains in control before, during and after an incident.

Crisis Plan functionalities

Our customers are our most important innovation partners. For example, over the years we have added numerous functionalities that are desired by many customers. For example, employees can exchange standby shifts and confirm their turn-up time. MultiBel has been set up in such a way that it can comply with the most complex evacuation plan for hospitals and specification of requirements.

on-call duty roster hospital
evacuation system

Silent evacuation alarm through smartphone

MultiBel can be used as a certified silent alarm evacuation system in the hospital. This removes the obligation to purchase expensive hardware (like pagers) with auxiliary transmitters. The annual check is also much easier because things are monitored remotely. The extra functionalities of the app ensure that an evacuation also goes better.

IT and information security

Due to cybercrime and the dependence on IT systems, protecting sensitive patient data and care continuity is becoming an increasing task. With MultiBel you can not only drastically shorten the response times to IT problems, you are also assured of follow-up. You determine escalation processes in advance so that a quick response is always provided.


Mass emergency response system for hospitals with five-fold certainty

Our hospital notification system can alert via many different channels. The way in which someone can be reached differs per person but also per moment, an evacuation in a hospital requires different channels than calling everyone in. The more channels you use, the greater the chance that that person will be reached, even if the disaster has damaged your own infrastructure.






Thousands of people can be alerted simultaneously via the hospital notification system. All persons first receive a spoken message in the app, there is no response, MultiBel will call a maximum of 10 telephone numbers and we will send an email and SMS. The crisis team can follow the reactions of the staff in real time and coordinate any follow-up steps.




years of experience


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Every 1,5

minutes an alert
Anna Zorggroep

Henri de Wit,
staff officer safety coordinator Emergency Response Team and Hospital Crisis Plan

St. Anna Hospital used bell trees for the introduction of MultiBel in 2002. Because of the labor intensity and error-prone nature, an automated solution was considered. MultiBel was already quite revolutionary in all its basic simplicity, while the old MultiBel offered a lot less in functionality than the current MultiBel.

The St. Anna has recently revised the entire layout of MultiBel and redesigned the MultiBel system. This was largely done on the basis of the organization chart and all scenarios within the Integrated Crisis Plan. The scenarios cover calling the first responders for calamities to a complete Hospital Integral Crisis Plan emergency notification.


Esther Beeris,
Crisis Management and Integrated Security Advisor

MultiBel is flexible and easy to use. We can make the calls quickly and easily. We are also pleased with the manual. We have no experience with the MultiBel helpdesk, because we never needed it. We can describe the contact with our regular contacts of MultiBel as “thinking along in the right solution for us”.

MultiBel is used for alerting and communication within the Hospital Crisis Plan / Hospital Disaster Relief Plan and for  emergency notification and communication of the CERT.

St Antonius Hospital

Mark van Not,
Crisis- & Continuïteitsmanagement

In the first instance, MultiBel is only used for the initial alarms within the Disaster Response Plan. Very specific alarms can be programmed in with simple building blocks.

Because continuity issues arise in daily practice, the need has gradually arisen to deploy MultiBel Alarm more widely. Even as an extension of regular patient care. One spell is central to all MultiBel scenarios:

Time savings on alarming promote quality of life.

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    Maikel Wijman,
    Sales Consultant MultiBel

    Meander Medisch Centrum: E. Beeris, J. van Dam and F. Verhijde

    MultiBel is flexible and user-friendly. We can make the calls quickly and easily. We are also pleased with the manual. We have no experience with the MultiBel helpdesk, because we never needed it. We can describe the contact with our regular contacts of MultiBel as “thinking along in the right solution for us”.

    Diakonessenhuis: H. Kuipers

    Because MultiBel has a modular structure, we have critically looked at what we needed as an organization and what we could really use.

    St. Anna Zorggroep: H. de Wit

    The premise was 'the simpler it is for the user, the better it is'. It now fits in perfectly with the way we want to work and that is partly due to the input from MultiBel, otherwise it would not have turned out the way it is now.

    St. Antonius Hospital: M. van Not

    That time saving can be life-saving. MultiBel ensures that we do not have to reach several officers separately. With one action we immediately alerted the relevant group and also informed them. You can also immediately give any details in case of an alarm.

    Reinier de Graaf Hospital: M. Does

    We haven't needed the manuals yet. The system is easy to understand and it is usually explained in consultation with MultiBel.

    Treant Zorggroep

    MultiBel is a company that thinks along with its customers, that is very important! Companies that think along and come up with creative ideas that grow enormously.

    LUMC: L. van der Linden

    When you first have to get out lists in a crisis situation and call everyone yourself, a lot of valuable time is lost. With this system, this concern is taken care of.

    Hospital Notification System

    How do I choose the best emergency notification system?

    There are many different communication solutions for a Hospital Crisis Plan. Hardware or software? Using just one app or multiple channels? To find the best solution for your hospital mass emergency notification we have prepared a number of selection questions for you.

    SaaS or hardware on location

    MultiBel is a software as a service, or SaaS for short, an online service. Scalability, flexibility and cost savings are the reasons why more and more hospitals are opting for Cloud applications. Availability also plays a part in this. Hardware is often the first thing that stops working during an accident, such as in the event of water damage, fire, power failure, etc. Hospitals belong to critical infrastructures and a careful hospital emergency plan is therefore essential to guarantee care in exceptional cases. MultiBel is independent of your infrastructure and guarantees reliable alarms.

    KAEP alarmierung
    Krankenhaus Alarm Sprach

    Spoken instructions

    Effective communication is required for the mass emergency in a hospital. Too much information creates unrest and can be counterproductive. Delivering information requires an accurate balance between the different communication channels and the urgency of the message. MultiBel has multiple channels for the hospital emergency notification system and other applications.

    Crisiscommunication within hospital emergency system

    Every crisis is unique and therefore the approach to each crisis can also differ. An incorrect communication strategy can disrupt the internal process and delay the fight against the calamity. MultiBel offers within the hospital emergency system various communication options to exchange ideas or divide tasks and always keep an overview.

    crisis task
    Hospital crisis plan

    Increasing number of incidents

    In recent years, an increasing number of incidents have been registered at hospitals. However, in most hospital crisis plans too little attention is paid to some new scenarios. MultiBel can be used for many different alarms in the hospital emergency system, such as CBRN calamities, mass casualty incidents, technical failures and evacuation alarms.

    Evacuation with MultiBel Hospital Notification System

    Traditionally, MultiBel is often used for the Hospital Crisis Plan. You determine in advance the scenarios with which you want to alert, e.g. a hospital evacuation, integrated crisis plan, patient influx, IT problems, power failure, major calamity with many victims, etc. We have gained a lot of experience over the years and are happy to put you in touch with the right people. A well-designed ZiROP alarm system saves time and limits damage.

    Recently, customers can also use MultiBel as a NEN2575-4 silent alarm evacuation system. We are the first Cloud solution that can serve as an alternative for the PZI. This is the result of 25 years of further development. MultiBel offers simplicity, reliability and many technical possibilities. MultiBel runs in secure data centers and we guarantee 99.95% availability through a Service Level Agreement.

    Jens Beerkens,
    Sales Consultant MultiBel

    MultiBel is used for all possible calamities within the hospital crisis plan, both for internal and external calamities. External calamities are often accompanied by a large supply of patients. Here the speed of the emergency alert send by the hospital notification system is of great importance. In case of internal calamities, your own infrastructure can be damaged and fail. It is then crucial that MultiBel runs externally in secure data centers and operates completely separate from the hospital infrastructure.

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