Which package fits your needs?

MultiBel Standard
Immediately deployable system for small teams

  • Maximum 25 persons
  • Initiate the alarm through app
  • Contact persons by app, telephone, email
  • No variables
  • Presence registration based on Wi-Fi
  • Scenarios cannot be created in advance
  • No distinction between positions & locations

MultiBel Professional
Complete and customizable call system for any size

Starting €55/month
  • Unlimited number of persons
  • Initiate alarms through a range of channels
  • Idem plus text message and pager
  • Modular construction, refer to the explanation below
  • Presence registration based on Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Geofencing
  • Scenarios can be created in advance
  • Distinction between positions and locations

MultiBel Standard offers a FREE alarm solution for up to 25 persons. In case of a calamity, you can record a message in the app with a few simple actions and send alert messages to persons through the app, phone, and email. The arrival of persons can be tracked in real time. No costs are involved and it can be set up quickly.

MultiBel Standard is often a good choice for smaller organisations where calamities have a relatively small impact. The notification system works better than the outdated pager systems, call lists, or WhatsApp groups, but only offers a limited number of features compared to MultiBel Professional. It is a FREEMIUM service used as an introduction to our call service.

MultiBel Professional has been developed for organisations which wish to define scenarios in advance and want to make a distinction between positions and locations. It will be set up in close consultation with the client and offers many variables to come to a tailored solution.

A scenario can be initiated through the app, online, a landline, a mobile phone, an emergency button, a linked fire alarm system, etc. MultiBel Professional has a modular structure to offer a tailored solution.

Standard Professional
Start alarm by:
MultiBel app
Emergency button
Man down
connected fire alarm system
IoT sensor
connected (monitoring) software
Reach persons through:
MultiBel app
Voice message
Text message
Presence registration

based on:

Work schedule application
Doorbreking stiltestand
Create scenarios in advance
Unlimited number of locations
Unlimited number of persons
Email support
24/7 telephone support
SLA guaranteed availability 99.95%

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