Expansion modules

When using MultiBel Professional, you can choose the modules required for your desired alert solution. A Customer Emergency Response Team (CERT) / company first aid (CFA) solution often requires different features than a IT alert or an alarm based on a technical failure. Our account manager would be happy to explain how you can use the modules in an online or an on-site demonstration.


Presence registration and reporting

Automatic registration of presence based on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and/or geofencing.

Calling a limited number of persons

If you do not need everyone, MultiBel can stop sending alarms once sufficient people have confirmed the alert.

Conference call

MultiBel can automatically place selected persons in a conference call.

Lone worker

Lone worker

Lone worker solutions for all risk classes with or without hardware. Alarms through our lone worker app or on certified devices.

IP detector

An IP detector is used to link MultiBel to a fire alarm system, emergency button, or sensor.

Automatic activation number

Forward internal alarm numbers to MultiBel, ask for the nature and location of the calamity, automatically followed by the alert.

MultiBel connections – API

Connect schedules, access control systems, lone worker devices, etc. to MultiBel.

More info

Distance determination based on postal code

MultiBel can select persons in the vicinity based on the postal code.

Schedule import and on-call feature

You can import your schedule and send alarms accordingly. Users can swap their shifts.

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Packages & prices

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    Olivier Nieland,
    Account Manager MultiBel