Nursing and care homes

MultiBel is used in healthcare for emergency response, aggression, technical failures, but also as a NEN2575-4 silent alarm evacuation system. By using MultiBel you can ensure adequate alarms, increase care safety and limit damage.

Stil alarm

NEN2575-4 wireless silent alarm evacuation system

You can install MultiBel as a NEN2575-4 wireless silent alarm evacuation system (requiered in for instance hospitals, care and nursing homes in the Netherlands). This eliminates the need for your employees to walk around with pagers. MultiBel is linked to your existing fire alarm control panel and the staff members are alerted via smartphones. In the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany we can work with your current installer to ensure that your evacuation plan complies with current laws and regulations.

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MultiBel can easily be linked to surrounding systems for alarms in healthcare, so-called “triggers” such as fire panels, emergency buttons, sensors or monitoring software for the IT networks. The possibilities are almost endless. MultiBel is also often linked on the input side, for example to existing HRM packages such as AFAS or Beaufort.

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fire alarm button
Ontruiming zorg stil alarm

Evacuations during the night – “Extra hands in the night”

A nursing home or care home often has limited or not enough staff at night to properly manage an evacuation. In addition, it takes (too) long before the auxiliary troops are present. A lot of time is lost because the employees on site also have to for instance activate a call list in the hectic of the calamity. By using MultiBel, your employees can mobilize the extra helpers with one push of a button. MultiBel has developed a solution in collaboration with the GHOR Twente in the project “Extra hands in the night”. The project results in a much faster arrival of aid workers during a crisis and that they are also present in larger numbers.

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Eric van den Hul,
Coordinator Emergency Response team

It is a nice, easy system and very user-friendly. You do not often see in this area that it is understandable without consulting the manual. We noticed in the conversations with MultiBel that “that is not possible”  was never said, instead MultiBel said “we are going to find out”. So far, MultiBel has also made everything we wanted extra.

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Liedeke Erkelens,
Staff member Safety

With MultiBel, a larger group of people can be reached than before with the paging.

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Hans Poppelaars,
Health and safety advisor
Marcel de Vries,
Building manager

The lines of communication with MultiBel are short. The support desk or the account manager help us when we call, but it also happens that a MultiBel employee sits at the table and gives advice. MultiBel is not a company that keeps distance; the employees think along and that makes it pleasant.

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Olivier Nieland,
Account Manager MultiBel

MultiBel is the solution to immediately alert, inform or communicate with a large group of people with one action. You can reach healthcare professionals who live near your healthcare facility in minutes. Our call system provides alarms via an app, voice messages, e-mail and SMS. In case of calamities, you will be able to take action better and faster, because communication will start quickly with the right people.

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Business case evacuation alarm installation in the cloud

Read in our whitepaper how MultiBel is used as an evacuation alarm system at healthcare institutions in the Netherlands.
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    Olivier Nieland,
    Account Manager MultiBel