De Waalboog

Wim Kruithof,
Manager Real estate & facility services

It will soon become a very big advantage if the evacuation system is linked to the nurse call system and the emergency response notification system. You can mobilize everyone much faster. With a cloud solution it is easy that you no longer have pagers, no more walkie-talkies and you have lost checks and controls necessary on this.

The care organisation De Waalboog (Nijmegen, the Netherlands) improves fire safety by installing the first Private Cloud NEN2575-4 ontruimingsinstallatie.

Referenzen MultiBel: Philips

Pieter Beks,
Software designer and Manager Emergency Response Team

e were looking for a provider able to enter into a one-on-one conversation. A text message can be delayed, and app or email may not arrive, but a phone call lets you know whether or not you receive an answer. There were other market parties, but they always lacked one of these things. They often lacked the phone connection, or it did not work properly. While this is an important requirement for us.

MultiBel is used at Philips Medical Systems used for sending alert notifications to the emergency response team.

Gemeente Brunssum

Hub Stoffels,
Consultant services

We have recently made great use of the attendance registration, in this way we can ensure that there are always enough members of the intervention team on site.

MultiBel is used by the Municipality of Brunssum to alert the intervention team by when an emergency buttons at the reception and consultation rooms is pressed.