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Lone worker alarm system – devices and/ or software

Our customers use our safety technologies like the lone worker device with fall detection (man down) and location determination, panic or emergency button or the convenient lone worker app. The latter is useful when it is shown that a periodic check of the lone worker is sufficient. For example, the lone worker can report every 2 hours and if that report is not received, our lone working app is sending an alert to others. The lone worker app does trigger the alert automatically and makes it unnecessary to use a Private Alarm Center. The solutions for lone workers increase the safety of your employees when they work alone, ambulatory or in unsafe environments. We offer solutions for all industries and applications.

What makes MultiBel special? The integration of the lone worker devices with the emergency software solutions for company emergency response teams, mobile and fixed buttons, presence registrations, fire panels and evacuation systems. All these elements work in one complete system and the owner decides which elements are needed to create the best solution to increase the safety of employees, visitors, residents, etc.

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Lone worker system
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The power of MultiBel lone worker alarm


Lone worker alarm with emergency/ panic button and presence registration

Schools, universities, municipalities, healthcare facilities have been the driving force behind our lone worker solutions. By for instance combining the mobile or fixed emergency button with the automatic presence registration, people present in the affected area are immediately alerted. Your employee knows that help is on the way and does not feel alone.

Lone worker solution with man down detection and location determination

Our lone worker devices contain a man down detection (fall alarm) and comply with European regulations and certifications. Our devices contain a multi-network SIM-card and the connections are monitored continuously. The location determination is done by track & trace module.

Notfall App
alleenwerken alarm app

Lone worker app

By linking MultiBel to your lone worker devices / systems, you have access to much more than just a lone worker app. With MultiBel you can rely on a professional emergency notification system. This way you are assured of the correct follow-up, whether only the nearest colleague has to be called or dozens of people. The reactions can be followed in real-time via the iOS and Android lone worker App. The emergency response team or teammembers can communicate with each other.

Lone worker alarm with five-fold certainty

The emergency notification to ensure the safety of lone workers is with MultiBel with 5 different channels. The way in which someone can be reached differs per person but also per moment. The more channels you use to alert people to help lone workers, the greater the chance that that person will be reached, even if the disaster has damaged your own infrastructure.

Lone worker app





MultiBel reaches the emergency officers via the lone working app, there is no response, the person is called on a maximum of 10 telephone numbers p.p., we send an email, SMS and can also alert pagers. Until the person confirms that he can respond to the call.




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    Olivier Nieland,
    Account Manager MultiBel

    Lone worker safety with MultiBel

    Many people work in risky conditions in a place where there is no supervision by a colleague. As an employer, you are responsible for providing your employees with a safe workplace. The solutions of MultiBel ensure that your employees can sound an alarm in an emergency or that an alarm is triggered immediately by fall detection / man down alarm! It is precisely at those moments that a reliable lone worker emergency notification system is of great importance. The solutions we have for this are robust and reliable.

    In an emergency, the location of the alarm is known. In addition, MultiBel knows which care providers/ emergency response officers are present at that location. No time is lost and the nearest emergency team members are alerted.

    If you use an emergency center or crisis management team, the responsible persons can follow the responses of the emergency services in real-time, analyze and coordinate next steps. A good lone worker app saves time and reduces damage.

    Customers have been choosing MultiBel for over 20 years because of the simplicity, reliability and technical possibilities of our systems. MultiBel runs in secure data centers and is therefore also available if your own infrastructure no longer functions due to a calamity.

    Gemeente Schagen: A. van Egmond

    Wij gebruiken MultiBel voor de BHV en het Alarmteam. Het systeem kan worden ingeschakeld door het indrukken van een noodknop, door het activeren van het brandalarm, of via een melding van een calamiteit bij de receptie.

    Gemeente Tholen: J.C.A. Moerings

    De oplevering van MultiBel is goed verlopen. Er is ter plaatse een duidelijke uitleg gegeven en het systeem is functionerend opgeleverd. De personen die worden opgeroepen hebben met behulp van de handleiding de app zelfstandig geïnstalleerd. Indien nodig is de Helpdesk goed bereikbaar.

    Gemeente Den Helder: M. Bakker en R. Wierda

    MultiBel voldoet nog steeds aan onze verwachtingen, een goed product met een goede support en een goede implementatie. Elementen als bijvoorbeeld de test-modes geven aan dat er goed nagedacht is over de toepassing van het product en diens gebruikers.

    Hazera Seeds BV: J. Trienes

    Het systeem werkt makkelijk en overzichtelijk. Sinds kort is ook de Engelse applicatie ter beschikking.