Alerting in the event of technical faults
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Limiting damage in case of technical failure

A technical fault can cause a lot of damage. Orders are not taken, production lines grind to a halt, supermarket shelves remain empty, products spoil, plants die, air is not refreshed, data centers are not operational, etc. MultiBel cannot prevent a technical failure, but it ensures that the impact of the technical fault limited by alerting the right people much faster. We also offer a Critical Event Management module that ensures incidents are managed from A to Z. Every second lost costs extra money and/or damage. Every second lost costs extra money and/or damage.

More and more systems are monitored 24/7, there are enough packages and companies for that, MultiBel does not. We ensure that the follow-up of the failure is guaranteed and that no time is lost by using slow call trees, WhatsApp groups or systems that only send an email or SMS. MultiBel offers a professional call system with additional functionalities to limit the damage. One of the most commonly used functionalities is calling people based on a schedule. Should that person not respond, a replacement is automatically called, just until someone acknowledges the call. Employees can also swap picket shifts among themselves.

De power of MultiBel technical fault alerting

Technical fault alert app

Technical failure message

Your technical failures or production alerts can be initiated by hand or automatically. MultiBel significantly reduces time to notify relevant people and promotes process continuity by alerting on various channels with a real-time feedback function.

Attendance registration

MultiBel features automatic attendance registration. In addition to roster-based calling, this provides the ability to alarm employees present at that specific location. The system stops alerting as soon as enough people have acknowledged the call.

Roster routing / on-call shifts
Roster routing / on-call shifts

Roster based alerts

MultiBel offers two practical solutions to improve roster-based alerting in the event of a technical problem. First, a substitute can be automatically called if the colleague on duty does not respond. In practice, we often see companies alerting the substitute just to be on the safe side. With MultiBel this is no longer necessary and people are only contacted when they are needed. In addition, colleagues can exchange (parts of) shifts.

Communication in the event of a technical failure

The people who have to solve the technical failure are often not together. Especially then it is of great importance that they can communicate with each other. For this purpose, MultiBel offers a push-to-talk / walkie-talkie app and conference call. Ideal for disruptions that can have a major impact on business continuity. Within 10-20 seconds the focus is on communication and decision making.

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Guaranteed follow-up technical failure

Many monitoring systems have alerting capabilities. If there is a fault report, an SMS or email is sent. So why still link the monitoring system to a professional alerting system? Because time is guaranteed to be saved. If, for example, the person on duty does not respond quickly enough, the next persons are automatically contacted. Task cards can be sent per technical fault and per function. The people working on the technical failure can be asked how much time they think they need for the failure to be solved. If it concerns a technical failure that has major consequences for company image, turnover or production, every second counts. MultiBel reduces the time to respond from an average of 10 minutes to 10 seconds.

Dial-in number with menu

By linking a monitoring system, failures can automatically trigger an alarm. In practice, we also often see that it is done manually, e.g., by a dial-in number with a drop-down menu. Many organizations have such an emergency number for reporting technical malfunctions. Customers or colleagues can independently ensure that the fault gets to the right person 24/7 without loss of time. By using a choice menu, the reporter activates the appropriate scenario and can also add verbal instructions.

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Technical fault alerting with five-fold certainty

With MultiBel technical failure alerts go through 5 different channels. The way in which someone can be reached differs per person but also per moment. The more channels you use for alarming, the greater the chance that that person will be reached, even if your own infrastructure is damaged by the calamity.






MultiBel Professional works with predefined scenarios. You can create unlimited scenarios, functions and locations. Each group hears and reads the instructions associated with their function.




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The control room does not meet our current requirements and we are continuously improving our service. With this collaboration we want to serve our customer even better because we remove a link between them. As a result, we also expect that the process is less prone to errors. MultiBel is developing a system that customers can call in themselves and indicate which technical malfunction it is. In this way, the correct scenario is automatically started and we can immediately get in touch with our customer.

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    Record your crisis management for technical outages

    A technical failure needs to be managed to limit the damage. The consequences can be enormous. MultiBel has the right functions for this. This makes it easier for your crisis team to keep track of the situation and set tasks. Afterwards, you will want to evaluate whether the approach was successful. This is all possible with the CEM module.


    Looking for the best follow-up for technical failures?

    MultiBel offers a fault alerting solution that allows you to notify tens, hundreds or thousands of people simultaneously. You determine in advance the possible scenarios for all kinds of different technical failures. Emergency power systems, elevator and transport systems, air handling systems, heat pump systems, data center, refrigeration units, plumbing systems, water treatment systems, measurement and control technology; they all require different expertise to be called in. A technical failure at a distribution center usually requires different expertise than a technical failure from a building management system.

    A fault alert can be initiated in many ways. From the app, via an online application, via a push button, via telephony, via a building management alarm system, but a malfunction alarm can also easily be started via email. Now, when a fault occurs, Emails are often sent from existing monitoring software. This can be a trigger to automatically start a MultiBel scenario ensuring follow-up.

    Customers have chosen MultiBel for over 20 years because of the simplicity, reliability and technical capabilities of the call system. Also, over 1,000 customers choose MultiBel for follow-up in case of technical failures because it requires no hardware investments. MultiBel runs in secure data centers and we guarantee 99.95% availability through a Service Level Agreement.