MultiBel is used in many industrial companies for numerous applications. These range from calling emergency response officers or security guards to mobilizing mechanics or the crisis team. From small to large, we offer customized solutions to limit damage in the event of emergencies and malfunctions. We can also provide protection for people working alone or in hazardous conditions.

emergency response

Company emergency response

In the event of industrial accidents, visitors who become unwell or large-scale evacuations, companies rely on MultiBel for the company emergency response notification and communication. MultiBel is smart and alerts automatically the nearest emergency response team member or stops the alarm when sufficient emergency response officers have confirmed. You can send extra information with an alarm, such as: taking AED with you to hall 2. The industry also often uses our walkie-talkie and log functionality for the emergency response team.

Fire alarm

About 7,000 company fires take place in the Netherlands every year. About 50% of the affected companies will be bankrupt within 2 years. MultiBel is linked to the fire panel at many industry customers. For example, in the event of a fire alarm, the emergency response team is informed of the situation, including the location of the report, within seconds. By using the communication options within MultiBel, you will be able to fight the fire and evacuate the building more quickly. Sprinklers are often the most important methods of extinguishing fires. Malfunctions in the sprinkler system can therefore be fatal. The reports of issues in the sprinklers can also be forwarded through MultiBel.

fire notification system
IT Monitoring software

IT problems

IT problems c.q. hacker attacks cost a lot of money every year in lost turnover, less production, staff twiddling their thumbs, the image getting smeared, etc. A shame because MultiBel ensures that the “Mean Time to Repair” is a lot shorter. You are assured that the right people are immediately alerted after an IT problem has occurred. These persons are also able to communicate with each other, even if they are not all at the same location.

Malfunction alarm

If a malfunction occurs in a production line or a temperature rises too high in a cold store, no time should be unnecessarily wasted due to inadequate alarms. In case action is taken too late, it can affect turnover and image. With MultiBel, your service technicians can be alerted within seconds. MultiBel sends alarms with a high attention value, so that your employees do not miss a call.

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man down app

Lone workers

During night and weekend shifts, the occupancy rate is often lower, also at the emergency response team. Nevertheless, you must send your employees safely to the workplace. MultiBel offers both hardware and software solutions for lone workers. This way they can start an alarm with the push of a button. In addition, alarms can also be started automatically in case of man down and fall detection. The colleagues are then alerted and know where the person is.

Critical Event Management

Certain incidents can escalate quickly and have very serious consequences for your people, buildings, reputation, and logistics processes. Our Critical Event Management software is a powerful tool for preparing for, analyzing, and responding to these types of incidents. It goes far beyond simply alerting people. It ensures business continuity and minimizes disruption.


Walkie-talkie app

In most applications it starts with sending an emergency notification to the people, but after that it quickly turns to communication. Adequate communication is key to quickly deal with calamities and malfunctions. Thanks to the MultiBel app, all (emergency response) officers have the walkie-talkie function available on their smartphone. This way they always carry their means of communication with them. A walkie-talkie app works on the basis of an internet connection, so it is also available outside the location. The push-to-talk app ensures that everyone can use the app to communicate with their colleagues in no time.

walkie talkie app smartphone
Referenzen MultiBel: Philips

Pieter Beks,
Software Designer and Manager Emergency Response Team

We were looking for a provider able to enter into a one-on-one conversation. A text message can be delayed, and app or email may not arrive, but a phone call lets you know whether or not you receive an answer. There were other market parties, but they always lacked one of these things. They often lacked the phone connection, or it did not work properly. While this is an important requirement for us.


Ruud van der Meide,
Health, Safety & Environment Supervisor

Before the MultiBel solution was introduced at Remeha, only a pager system was used.

The user-friendliness of MultiBel, but also the support of the helpdesk in combination with the online manual is good. The system is easy to use, but we only make use of a small part of the possibilities available in MultiBel.

Van der Wiel Holding

J.H. Babois,
QHSE -coordinator

The reason we selected MultiBel is that we can now immediately see which Emergency Response Officers are present. We have a team of about 20 EROs ready, but it is good to know which EROs are actually present in the event of a calamity.

Wouter Hermsen,
Owner MultiBel

Traditionally, emergency response communication often takes place via a pager system, call list or slow whoop. All these systems are functional, but no longer meet today’s needs and possibilities. A good emergency response system offers many more functionalities, communicates faster and ultimately leads to less damage.

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    Maikel Wijman,
    Sales Consultant MultiBel