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Send out alerts to the Emergency Response Team with the MultiBel Emergency Response System

The emergency response system from MultiBel makes is easy to send out an alert to the emergency response officers. The emergency alerts are send fast and effective. By making use of MultiBel emergency response app our customers are able to alert the emergency response team and are also able to give them up-to-date information.

An evacuation of a building requires a different approach than an accident of a staff member or an aggressive visitor. However, one thing is the same: loss of time due to a faulty emergency response system has major consequences. Thanks to our emergency response app, the right people are immediately informed and able to communicate with each other.

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Emergency Response App
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The power of the MultiBel Emergency Response System

BHV alarmering

Emergency response notifications – automatic attendance registration and alerts when understaffed

With MultiBel you have an emergency response app with automatic attendance registration. This gives you the option to determine in advance for each scenario whether you want to alert everyone or only company emergency response team members that are present. In the free package MultiBel Standard, presence is determined on the basis of WiFi. With MultiBel Professional you can opt for a registration based on WiFi, geofencing or bluetooth transmitters. You can follow the current status of your emergency response officers per location in real-time and analyze it by using a report. The old Emergency Response Team availability board can therefore be removed from the wall. You can also be automatically alerted if your emergency response team is understaffed per location.

Emergency response communication: Conference call

You can make the emergency response system even more effective by using the automatic conference call in the crisis plan. Everyone receives and hears the same message, but a small group of people is put in a conference call immediately after the emergency alert. Ideal for, for example, the crisis team, chief emergency response officers or management. Thanks to the emergency response app, the focus of your emergency response organization is immediately on making the right decisions.

Conference call

Emergency response system with five-fold certainty

MultiBel’s emergency alerts are sent through 5 different channels. The way in which someone can be reached differs per person but also per moment. The more channels you use to alert the emergency response team, the greater the chance that that person will be reached, even if the disaster has damaged your own infrastructure.

Emergency Response App





MultiBel Professional works with predefined scenarios. A raging fire in a large organization requires action by a different group of people and different instructions than an accident in which a person fell down the stairs and was injured. With MultiBel Professional you can create unlimited scenarios, functions and locations. Each group hears and reads the instructions associated with his or her role.




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Olivier Nieland,
Sales Manager MultiBel

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Searching for the best emergency response system

With the MultiBel emergency response app you are able to alarm ten, hundreds or even thousands of emergency response officers simultaneously. You determine the scenarios for the emergency response system in advance. When do you want to alert the company emergency response team? How many emergency response officers are needed for an evacuation, medical emergency, etc.? These are all matters that we discuss in close consultation during the implementation phase. If things go wrong, you can analyze the reactions in real-time via MultiBel and coordinate next steps. A good emergency response system saves time and limits damage.

Customers have been choosing MultiBel for over 20 years because of the simplicity, reliability and technical possibilities of the emergency response alarm system. More than 1,000 customers also choose our emergency response app because it does not require any hardware investments. MultiBel runs in secure data centers and we guarantee 99.95% availability through a Service Level Agreement.

Philips Medical Systems: P. Beks

We have set up a test project with MultiBel. The test with MultiBel was positive and stable. We have also come in contact with references from MultiBel to see how it works there. These references pointed us to MultiBel's experience and reliability. Not unimportant was the simplicity of managing MultiBel and relatively low costs, while we can send out a lot of messages. It is striking that MultiBel thinks along well, quickly picks up and dissolves. The customer's experience is clearly included in the system. It is nice that we see our conversations and vision reflected in new products.

Signify: F. Smits en P. de Wildt

MultiBel has replaced the old pager system. Although the pager worked effectively for years, recently we saw coverage issues, and it was also limited in ease of use, flexibility, accessibility, maintainability. Substantial investments should be made to bring the system up to date. MultiBel replaced it easily.

SOMA College: M. Ruiter

MultiBel is user-friendly, easy to use and offers various options. The implementation process is very well supported and executed from MultiBel. Where you as a user are not at risk of getting out, the service from MultiBel is easily accessible and very service-oriented. We are very satisfied with that.

Municipality Assen: B. de Geest

We recently had 4 companies to inquire about our experiences with MultiBel. Fortunately, I can only be positive about that. I hope that several municipalities are on the same tour with regard to alarms.

MarFlex: S. Luijendijk

Since the introduction of the MultiBel app, everyone has responded well to the notifications. If there is no response to the alarm via app, one will of course also be called.

Municipality Den Helder: M. Bakker and R. Wierda

Previously, the Municipality of Den Helder worked with a solution on location from another provider. An alternative was sought that is more scalable and flexible, offers more security in the alarm and is also more accessible to the user.

Remeha BV: R. van der Meide

The user-friendliness of MultiBel, but also the support of the helpdesk in combination with the online manual is to your liking. The system is easy to use, but we only use a small part of the possibilities.

Municipality Schagen: A. van Egmond

The ICT department chose MultiBel because positive experiences had been heard about it. We really wanted a system with which we could make calls via mobile phones. As of December 2017, all employees of the municipality are equipped with a mobile phone. By making use of this, the attendance of Emergency Response Officers or the Crisis Team is better in the event of an emergency, so that action can be taken more quickly!

Treant Zorggroep

MultiBel is a company that thinks along with its customers, that is very important! Companies that think along and come up with creative ideas that grow enormously.

Marente: N. Kamerman

Actually, MultiBel has more functionalities than we can use. MultiBel develops itself sufficiently. We can't even think of anything yet or it's already there.

PZEM Provincial Zeeland Energy Company: S. Filius

MultiBel was found during an internet search. We have of course looked at the references. After requesting more information, MultiBel appeared to fit very well into our picture.

Hazera Seeds BV: J. Trienes

The system works easily and clearly. Recently, the English application is also available.

Meander Medisch Centrum: E. Beeris, J. van Dam en F. Verhijde

MultiBel is flexible and user-friendly. We can make the calls quickly and easily. We are also pleased with the manual. We have no experience with the MultiBel helpdesk, because we never needed it. We can describe the contact with our regular contacts of MultiBel as “thinking along in the right solution for us”.

Van der Wiel Holding BV: J.H. Babois

As the system was presented in the initial phase, it was actually implemented. No promises that ultimately could not be fulfilled.

Roessingh Centrum voor Revalidatie: E. van Hul

It is a nice, easy system and very user-friendly. You do not often see in this area that it is understandable without consulting the manual.


Various relationships asked us how they could simplify and improve communication during an emergency response deployment. It was also important to different scenarios to work. Multibel provided a perfect solution. Our consultants linked the evacuation and emergency plans with the technical infrastructure. By so as partners working together we deliver value to all our customers.

A.M.V.J Baan

Great application, exactly what we needed to alert the rescuers in our extensive golf course and to direct the AED to the right place. Top!

H. Dekker

We recently switched to Multibel and this to our complete satisfaction!

Preventief BV: W. Kluft

Reliable complete yet easy to use App for the emergency responders. In addition, also a professional organization with expert employees, nice to work with!

Koninklijke Rotra: A. Boschma

Good alarm app to quickly activate and inform the Emergency Response Team.

B. Vaessen

Recently started with a number of MultiBel modules where we can reach our emergency response team quickly and adequately. We are very content with the mobile solutions that we have chosen. We also enjoyed the help of the account manager during the implementation process.


Our organization switched to the Multibel App last year. We are very satisfied, the app is clear and user-friendly. We are also very satisfied with the Multibel Help Desk.

J. Ponsioen

Super user-friendly alarm app for the Emergency Responders. Best price ' quality ratio in the market

P. Hardt

We have been using MultiBel at our school for some time. Due to increasing violence, we have therefore introduced Multibel as an alarm solution for terrorist attacks and rampages. The well-designed alarm system convinced us. Let's hope we never have to use it for that - but we're definitely prepared for emergencies and have a good feeling of getting help quickly.

F. van Loon

We were looking for a modern Company Emergency Response Team app to replace beepers and radios. The CERT-app from Multibel works great, the employees are very happy with the user-friendliness of the CERT-app. We have been using the app for over 2 years now and if there were problems with individual users, we could always contact the help desk.

R. Ouden

Nice application that allows you to scale up your organization in one go and call up a large selected group of employees. The application offers many options in the field of emergency response and crisis management.

K. Babois

We recently installed the MultiBel system. We wanted to know how many ER officers are present during the day to be well prepared to act in the event of an emergency. ER officers who are not around are not called in unnecessarily. The Multibel system is ideal for this.

MCB Nederland: R. van de Donk

A very nice app that has made our emergency response organization even more professional. The Emergency Responders are very happy with it.


Excellent and reliable calling system. company with good service and adequate support.

K. Hedke

As a safety engineer, I can highly recommend the Multibel system because it is suitable for a variety of application areas. These range from the safe organization of the sole workstation, to first aid and fire protection, right through to house technology. Thanks to the flexible modular system, every company can find it across industries individually fitting product. The users like the uncomplicated and well-functioning technology. If necessary, support from the competent and friendly staff is guaranteed at all times!


Recently in our organization, the beeper system replaced by Multibel. Especially the fact that this system uses multiple channels to reach someone (app ' telephony ' email ' and ' or SMS) and has several ways to start an alarm appealed to us. We have also linked our fire alarm control panel to Multibel so that reports are automatically forwarded to the right people. This system is highly recommended for any organization looking for a solution of this time !!

C. Gather

'I know MultiBel as a great application that can be used to quickly alert the first responders in the company. It is also really good that in the event of an alarm, the available information about the person is spoken and then also sent directly. MultiBel offers a very practical solution that is really recommended! '

T. Zastera

We use the MultiBel app at our school to communicate emergencies to the crisis team! So far we have not had to trigger a serious alarm - the test alarms have worked reliably so far!

A. Sneepels

We have chosen MultiBel to replace the pager system and the walkie-talkies. With the pager system it has always been one-way traffic, we had no idea whether the message was received by the ER officers and whether the ER officers were present at all. Now we have real-time insight into the presence and the emergency response officers can immediately confirm and participate in a conference call in case of an alarm. MultiBel alerts via its own MultiBel APP, telephony, e-mail and SMS. By using all these different channels, MultiBel proved to be incredibly reliable. The pagers had to be picked up at the reception by the BHV staff on arrival. This was very often forgotten. In case of a calamity, the ER officers had to gather at the reception to pick up a radio and get instructions from the team leaders. This lost a lot of time. With MultiBel, the team leaders can give their assignments in the conference call and the emergency response officers go directly to the emergency. The BMI is also linked to MultiBel, which means that the ER officers present receive the exact fire alarm immediately in their alarm. At first I was very skeptical, but MultiBel has really proven its added value and reliability over the old-fashioned alarm and communication equipment. Really recommended!


Crisicom advises MultiBel to its customers because it is more than just an emergency response app. You always have the option to alert people via telephony, email and SMS. Certainly in case of calamities, the data traffic can be down and the multiple communication channels ensure crisis communication!

Al Rolandmex

The Multibel solution has been in use in our organization for a long time. Thanks to the effective application app, our employees can be reached quickly, even now during the corona epidemic. We are very satisfied.

St Anna Zorggroep: H. de Wit

A complete and clear Emergency Reponse app. Well adaptable to the wishes of the organization. Good service and support in customizing the product.

Caradon Stelrad BV: J. Goertz

Multibel has been able to solve the problem of alerting and communicating within our emergency response organization very well. Our emergency response organization can now be alerted quickly and easily. Also provides a direct connection through a conference call for fast communication between our team leaders. Good guidance from Multibel during the implementation phase has ensured trouble-free operation. In short, an excellent application to support the emergency response organization.

l'escaut woonservice: J. van de Vreede

Multibel is a reliable product for us and we use it for our emergency response organization. Is user-friendly. Committed to our own safety and that of customers ' suppliers.

Fonq: J. Voogel

The use and management works instinctively. Different scenarios are relatively easy to adjust and adjust. Back office support is nothing short of good.

Brauer Grondverzet en Transport BV: M. Sabella

We use MultiBel for a year now. We have chosen MultiBel for the ease of changing and the ease of use of the App. We use MultiBel to combat slippery conditions in the North Limburg region. By using MultiBel, we have communicated the deployment faster. No time is lost and our smoothness coordinator can go to the support point in complete safety.

VWPFS: M. Zimmer

The app is easy to use and clear. the back office is also good, the link works well and the data in it is easy to edit. The help desk also earned a big +, quickly and always correctly

Aveva: P. Kats

The app is easy to use and very easy to set up. Due to the different ways in which the emergency response officers receive the message, alarm messages are no longer missed.

Efectis Nederland BV: R. de Feijter

Since February 2019 we have been using the Multibel app at Efectis. In addition to a manual alarm via a tablet at the reception, we also opted for automatic alarm in the event of a fire and the use of the emergency buttons in our fire lab via the IP detector. We have defined different groups in Multibel (first aid, first aid, breathing apparatus and crisis team), so that we can call on the right people at any time.