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SaaS Emergency evacuation system

The company evacuation team (consisting of emergency response and/or evacuation officers) plays a crucial role during an emergency evacuation. In the event of an emergency, when your employees need to evacuate the building as quickly as possible, it is the Evacuation Team that ensures this is done in an organized manner. MultiBel offers a smartphone-based emergency evacuation system for notifications, internal communications, incident management, and evaluation.

Often MultiBel replaces the traditional pagers. Compared to the pager system, the cloud solution of MultiBel offers more user-friendliness, more functionalities, less maintenance and lower costs.

MultiBel is often connected to the fire alarm panel. For example, you can choose to initiate an emergency evacuation without human intervention. Attendance registration alerts all emergency response and/or evacuation officers present. They can also communicate directly with each other via the app, log progress with each other, assign tasks if necessary, and all information is available for later evaluation.

MultiBel is the first and only complete Cloud solution that can be certified as an evacuation system. Take a look at our NEN2575-4 silent alarm evacuation system (in Dutch).

More than 3.000 customers use MultiBel for different applications: lone worker protection, alerting intervention teams, mobilizing mechanics in case of technical disruptions, etc. Our customers are diverse, from municipalities to healthcare institutions, and from industry to almost half of Dutch hospitals.

Why use MultiBel as evacuation alert system?

Much more than an evacuation app

MultiBel is a certified alerting system with a unique way of working. Multiple data centres are used, everything is duplicated or tripled and more than 1,000 organisations rely on MultiBel to quickly manage an evacuation. We guarantee 99.95% availability and are the only cloud solution in Europe that can also be certified as an evacuation system for hospitals and healthcare institutions.

Evacuation Alarm App
Fire & Rescue Service availability

Presence registration and being understaffed

Sufficient members of the Evacuation Team are required to ensure an evacuation is done properly. But are there always enough members available? And what if it turns out later that this was not the case? With MultiBel you have automatic attendance registration, so you can only notify those people who can actually help with the evacuation. If there are not enough, you will be warned.

Communication during an evacuation

Fast communication is essential to manage the emergency evacuation. To support the communication MultiBel offers a push-to-talk  function in the app. This works just like a normal walkie-talkie, but without an extra device. In addition, pre-selected persons can be placed in a telephone conference call.

push to talk evacuation

Who is capturing information during the evacuation?

Our Critical Event Management module keeps you on top of who is doing or has done what. This module ensures that your crisis team has the right tools to limit the damage of an incident. All this information can then be used to evaluate the evacuation.

Evacuation system with five-fold certainty

Instructions for an emergency evacuation are with MultiBel send through many different channels. Using more channels increases the chances that people are reached.






MultiBel uses an iOS and Android app, which breaks through the silent mode, for sending notifications in case of an emergency evacuation. If there is no response, you will be called on a maximum of 10 telephone numbers per person, we will send an email, SMS and we can also alert desktops. In addition, we are able to control other channels such as a siren, sound system, signal lamp, matrix board or other types of attention panels.




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    Maikel Wijman,
    Sales Consultant MultiBel

    DSM Coating Resins B.V.: M. van Hierden

    The reliability is higher than the pager system.

    Signify: F. Smits and P. de Wildt

    Notifications from the Fire Alarm Panel are automatically forwarded to the Emergency Response Officers.

    Efectis Nederland BV: R. de Feijter

    Since February 2019 we have been using the Multibel app at Efectis. In addition to a manual alarm via a tablet at the reception, we also opted for automatic alarm in the event of a fire and the use of the emergency buttons in our fire lab via the IP detector. We have defined different groups in Multibel (first aid, first aid, breathing apparatus and crisis team), so that we can call on the right people at any time.

    H. Dekker

    We recently switched to MultiBel and this to our complete satisfaction!

    Municipality Schagen: A. van Egmond

    MultiBel is a very clear and user-friendly system. It was actually clear to me very quickly how the system works and how it should be set up.

    Municipality Den Helder: M. Bakker and R. Wierda

    MultiBel still meets our expectations, a good product with good support and good implementation. Elements such as the test modes indicate that the application of the product and its users has been carefully considered.

    C. Gather

    I know MultiBel as a great application that can be used to quickly alert the first responders in the company. It is also really good that in the event of an alarm, the available information about the person is spoken and then also sent directly. MultiBel offers a very practical solution that is really recommended!


    Excellent and reliable calling system. company with good service and adequate support.

    K. Hedke

    As a safety engineer, I can highly recommend the Multibel system because it is suitable for a variety of application areas. These range from the safe organization of the sole workstation, to first aid and fire protection, right through to house technology. Thanks to the flexible modular system, every company can find it across industries individually fitting product. The users like the uncomplicated and well-functioning technology. If necessary, support from the competent and friendly staff is guaranteed at all times!


    Multibel provides a service that can not be compared to the current old-fashioned call systems with pagers. Because the fire panel is linked to the app, the employees can be alerted much more quickly. Multibel is essential for safety in our healthcare institution.

    K. Wiek

    Simple, fast and safe alarm solution! The alarm app works really well.

    B. Backhaus

    The MultiBel system is very flexible and can be used individually for various purposes or in a wide variety of industries. Commissioning and cooperation with the service provider work smoothly and reliably. Conclusion: an absolute added value for every company or institution.

    OVER-gemeenten: E. van der Spek

    We inquired at various municipalities and MultiBel was mentioned there. In addition, your solution is quickly deployable and with a SAAS solution we can also set up a lot ourselves, which certainly appealed to me. In addition, it also just works very well.

    Kiwa R2B: E. van Troost

    The advantage of a smartphone solution compared to a traditional pager system to find the right person is countless. An inspection often showed that pagers were not used, were lost or were broken. You always have the smartphone solution from MultiBel with you. Moreover, you are not dependent on one transmitter and with this Cloud solution a much higher availability of the system is realized than with a traditional system.

    De Waalboog L. Eijkhout

    At one point we only had 6 or 7 pagers and we now have 34 smartphones. That's a huge fire safety upgrade.

    Catualiumhof: G. Scheepers

    The new wireless silent alarm system is a real relief for us in our daily work. No more hassle with multiple devices and therefore more focus on what really matters to us: a safe home for our residents.

    Adrz: H. de Grave

    MultiBel is a professional software supplier, with short communication lines that makes it possible to act quick. Their evacuation alarm solution perfectly matched our needs and could easily be set up and adapted to our requirements and wishes. They continuously think along in solutions and have all the expertise in-house to quickly implement desired adjustments. As a result, we were able to implement the system in a short time and get it successfully certified.

    Adrz: P. Tramper

    Thanks to a number of built-in controls, the app is much more reliable than the pagers we used before. The new solution provides more certainty that our company emergency organization can act quickly.

    De Waalboog: W. Kruithof

    It will soon be a very big advantage if the evacuation system is linked to the nurse call system and the emergency response team. You can mobilize everyone much faster. With a cloud solution it is easy that you no longer have pagers, no more walkie-talkies and that you have no necesity to controls this additional hardware.

    SPIE: R. Clerkx

    The system is NEN 2575-4 and ISO'IEC 27001 certified and therefore offers real opportunities in various places where speed and a reliable system are essential if something goes wrong. Think of hospitals, municipalities or industry.

    Zorggroep Almere: P. Legemaat

    The entire process promoted fire safety.


    Why use a Cloud based smartphone silent alarm evacuation system instead of pagers?

    Some reasons to choose a NEN2575-4 certified silent alarm evacuation system in the cloud instead of a pager.

    Tips to have an effective evacuation.

    Why does one organization alert quickly & efficiently and the other not? We are happy to provide you with a number of tools to improve the evacuation system in order to not have chaos when structure is a prerequisite.

    manual call point
    select evacution alert system

    What do I need to initiate an emergency evacuation?

    Based on our experience, we have drawn up selection questions that a system for an emergency evacuation could meet. We focus in this article on alerting  the emergency response team, but similar questions can be taken into consideration for evacuations. MultiBel offers two solutions: a free version and a modular solution. With these questions we help you find the right solution.

    Why is NEN 2575-4 certification important?

    MultiBel can be certified as an evacuation system according to the NEN 2575-4 standard. This means that MultiBel can replace pagers with support transmitters and as a result be used in hospitals, nursing homes and care institutions. The certification of MultiBel says a lot about the reliability of the system.


    What makes our emergency response evacuation app different?

    More than 20 years ago we started with a call system for hospitals. Since then, nine out of ten new functionalities have been developed based on request from our customers. When we build what our customers want, everyone is happy. Specific functionalities are required for an emergency response evacuation, e.g. to record or type specific instructions when an alarm is started.

    The voice instructions are of great importance to start an emergency response team quickly. Speech delivers a stronger message than text alone. Speech is often taken more seriously, especially if it is a familiar voice that is recording the message. There is a high degree of stress during an evacuation. That is why it is very important that you are as direct as possible when recording the message. So keep your messages simple and short:

    • What is going on?
    • What are the consequences?
    • What is expected of the recipient?

    MultiBel’s real-time reporting tool enables you to make adjustments where necessary. There may not be enough emergency response officers at that location and the call must be escalated. Or, as the head of the emergency response team, you want to send new instructions to the people who are busy with the evacuation.