Critical Event Management (CEM)

During a crisis, (too) much is thrown at you. The reality is often different from what you thought. With our Critical Event Management (CEM) module, you can better manage a crisis or incident.

But what exactly is a critical event? In a nutshell, it is a situation that can escalate quickly and have potentially major consequences. Examples include

  • Power failure in a hospital – total blackout.
  • Fire and mass evacuation in a healthcare facility.
  • Cyber attack or hack – all IT systems are down, and staff need to be informed.
  • Distribution centre failure – supermarkets are not supplied.
  • Terrorist attack – terrorists in the building.
  • Reputational damage – negative social media attention goes viral.

MultiBel combines a secure alerting system with incident response capabilities. Your crisis team can quickly get a common picture, respond immediately, protect your people, and limit damage.

Respond faster, smarter, and better

It is not a question of if it will happen, but when it will happen. And no organization is immune to crisis. How you prepare and respond determines the impact on your people and business continuity.

The system can be set up according to your crisis decision-making process. Whether you use the BOBOC structure or follow your process, MultiBel is easy to set up for any crisis organization.

CEM Overview

CEM Overview

MultiBel’s Critical Event Management tool provides the crisis team with an overview. A crisis often consists of a number of incidents. All the different incidents can be linked to a critical event within CEM. MultiBel ensures that you can see at a glance all the alerts, tasks deployed, decisions made and everything that is part of the crisis. This allows the crisis team to shift gears and make decisions faster.

The flexibility of the MultiBel system also allows users to launch new alerts from the security platform.

Easy logging tool

The logger can record all necessary information via the computer using the web application. Users can also view all information and provide status updates from the field via the application. In this way, the logger is informed in real time about everything that is happening within the incident. This enables your crisis management organization to quickly gain a common understanding of the situation and respond more quickly to limit damage.

CEM Logging
CEM Tasks

Task Management

Several tasks emerge from the decision-making process. For each emergency, there may be a different person who should take them on. With our CEM module, you can assign tasks to interested parties. In addition, you can view all assigned tasks and their status. Users can view all tasks in the MultiBel app. They can also provide feedback via the app on whether the task has been completed.

Adding Stakeholders

In practice, there are more stakeholders than just the crisis team that need to be notified and kept informed. As the crisis changes, so do the stakeholders needed. With MultiBel, additional stakeholders can be added to the incident.

Stakeholders toevoegen

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