Lone worker

MultiBel offers lone worker solutions for all risk classes, starting with our lone work app and ending with TWIG’s man down solutions. What makes us unique? The integration of the man down functionality with a professional emergency notification system. Colleagues who are nearby are alerted, receive the GPS location of the victim and can make contact with a voice-over connection.

Interval control

Interval control / call periodically

As an administrator, you determine the interval, every how many minutes your employee / co-worker is asked if he is OK. Your employee decides when to start a session. When the control message is received, the smartphone makes a loud alarm sound, including interruption of the silence mode. When there is no response, colleagues are alerted.

MultiBel replaces the Private Alarm Center

As an employer you are responsible for adequate measures and facilities. What they are, the law does not say. In the past, this was often translated to security guards that make regular rounds or reports to a Private Alarm Center. MultiBel automates these processes, not only more reliably, but also a lot cheaper.

Particuliere Alarm Centrale
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