Lone worker

Lone worker safety is the employer’s responsibility. MultiBel offers lone worker solutions for all risk classes for healthcare, industry, government and office. What makes us unique? Our lone worker app has the Kiwa K21023 Mobile Security certification and is also fully integrated into a calling system that is also used for many other applications. There is no longer any need to equip your employees with additional hardware. Periodic check, fall detection, motionlessness, man down, SOS button, all things that are covered via the lone worker protection app. Colleagues who are nearby are alerted, receive the GPS location of the victim and can make contact with a push to talk or conference call connection.

Interval control / call periodically

As an administrator, you determine the interval, every how many minutes your employee / co-worker is asked if he is OK. Your employee decides when to start a session. When the control message is received, the smartphone makes a loud alarm sound, including interruption of the silence mode. When there is no response, colleagues are alerted.

Interval control
BHV pieper app

Man down / fall detection through the lone worker app

Our lone worker app offers the same functionality as traditional lone worker devices. The sensors of the smartphone register movement, fall and acceleration. Everything is adjustable by the administrator. When an alarm is triggered, MultiBel alerts the nearest colleagues by the Kiwa certified emergency notification system.

Detection of unconsciousness

If a person stops moving for a predetermined amount of time, our lone worker app sends that person’s location to the colleagues. These so-called inactivity reports can also be forwarded to an emergency center/ Private Alarm Center.

man down app
SOS emergency button in case of aggression

SOS emergency button in case of aggression

A distinction can be made between fixed and mobile emergency buttons. For the mobile buttons you can choose from an emergency button in the app or a separate panic button that can be worn on the body. Because our lone worker app complies with the Kiwa K21023 inspection schedule, you can use the MultiBel app to protect your lone workers with an accredited system.

Indoor position determination

Nothing is more frustrating than knowing that a colleague is in need, but not knowing where they are. GPS offers excellent localization options outside but is limited inside, especially at floor level. MultiBel also offers possibilities to accurately determine where someone is and where the nearest colleagues are.

Indoor position lone worker app

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