Chat module

During an incident, a lot comes your way. That’s why all possible scenarios are determined in advance. Who do you want to alert? What message do they need to hear? The response to an incident starts with the alert but after that, there is a need for information sharing between stakeholders.

Our Chat module allows users to share text, photos, and videos in a secure environment. Functionally and optically it looks similar to WhatsApp, however, this form of Chat is GDPR compliant. For incident evaluation, messages cannot be deleted.

This module is also used for reporting unsafe situations.


Quickly a common view

Reality will always be different than previously thought. Chat allows individuals to share textual updates, photos and videos of the incident. Images then often say much more than words. This creates a common picture much faster and reduces miscommunication.

Capturing the incident

The chat function is intuitive, anyone used to WhatsApp can handle it. Employees at the site of the incident and e.g. the crisis team can thus record the decision-making and actions.

crisis logging
crisis evaluation

Evaluation of the incident.

All information from the crisis is logged. Who responded, how fast was everyone on the scene, who performed the tasks and what did the resolution look like. All this information is available for evaluation and any insurance issues. Since no posts can be deleted or changed, everything is logged.

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    Maikel Wijman,
    Sales Consultant MultiBel

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