Connections with MultiBel

MultiBel can be linked to surrounding systems for a range of purposes. Systems that can initiate an alarm, systems that must ensure that the right persons are contacted, systems to monitor alarms, and, ultimately, systems to update information and data.

1. Start the call

There are triggers that can automatically initiate an alert, such as a connected fire alarm system, a lone-worker device, or an panic buttons, and there are examples of (IoT) triggers that first send a message to an employee or alarm centre, who or which will determine whether an alarm must be initiated after verifying the message, such as a monitoring system of IT department or production machines. Increasing quantities of data become available, and you make sure these data are being used by linking MultiBel to these triggers.

2. Reach persons

MultiBel can be connected to existing pager systems or desktop alarm systems to reach the required persons. If you link an existing schedule system or presence application to MultiBel, we can alert persons based on this information.

3. Track the result

The crisis team or your alarm centre can display the data of the alert in existing software applications. There is no need to switch apps, which leads to a high acceptance grade among your employees.

Data connections

By linking MultiBel to your HRM system, we will always have the most current data and save time as no duplicate work will need to be performed.

Choose the right package for you

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    Maikel Wijman,
    Sales Consultant MultiBel