Distance determination by postal code

For some applications of MultiBel it is desirable to alert people based on their address. In this case for each scenario it is set whether we alert people based on zip code.

This module is often used in healthcare. During the night fewer people are present than during the day. When there is a emergency, people often also want to call employees who are not present. By means of this expansion module, MultiBel will start to alert people who live closest.

Ontruiming zorg stil alarm

Extra hands during the night

The GHOR Twente has set up the “Extra hands in the night” project together with MultiBel. Employees of healthcare institutions and hospitals in Twente have been placed in a large pool. If there is an emergency at night, the nearest employee is alerted, regardless of the care institution at which they work. This means that extra hands are available more quickly to ensure that an evacuation runs smoothly.

Guarantee response

The zip code or postal code module is often combined with the “calling limited number of persons” expansion module. During a emergency, Emergency response officers present can decide that it is necessary to escalate that people who are not present at the location are needed. Suppose that 5 extra people are needed, MultiBel will first alert people who live in the area. If there are too few positive responses, we will increase the radius step by step.

distance determination

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