IP alarm transmitter

An IP alarm transmitter is required to connect on-site hardware to our Cloud service, for example a fire alarm system, emergency buttons or sensors. The IP alarm transmitter is EN 54-21 certified, has its own emergency power supply and uses your Ethernet and mobile data.

fire notification system

Connect to fire alarm system

MultiBel is often used for automated fire alarms. The IP alarm transmitter can be linked to the fire alarm system on the basis of the ESPA 4.4.4 protocol, among other things. For hospitals and healthcare institutions, MultiBel can also be used as a Kiwa certified NEN2575-4 evacuation system.

Connection to emergency buttons and sensors

Emergency buttons and sensors are often linked to the IP alarm transmitter on the basis of the SIA protocol (contact base). MultiBel knows which button has been pressed and can start the correct scenario. In combination with our modules Presence registration and Calling limited number of people, the correct number of people is alerted, eg intervention teams or breakdown technicians.

panic button

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    Maikel Wijman,
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