Limited number of persons

In the event of a major calamity, you need everyone and everyone must be alerted as soon as possible. However, there are also smaller incidents where you only need a limited number of people. This module ensures that MultiBel stops alerting as soon as enough people have confirmed the call. Per scenario you can set the number of many confirmations are required per function. This means that the system stops alerting when the required number is reached.

alarm fatique

Alarm fatigue versus guaranteed follow-up

If you alert not enough people, there is a chance that follow-up is not guaranteed. If you send notifications to too many people, employees become irritated and the large number of frequent alarms results in alert fatigue. MultiBel will not stop until the correct number has been reached. You can also send follow-up instructions to those who responded.


We often see that a certain number of persons are needed from different areas of expertise. If the person with the requirements does not respond, a replacement must automatically be notified. In combination with a scheduling module integrated in our system, MultiBel knows exactly who is on duty.

An example of this application is a hospital where an emergency operation has to be performed. All kinds of different disciplines are needed here and one or more people must be alerted for each discipline. It can also be used in an emergency response alarm where not 8 company emergency response officers are required if one person has fallen down the stairs.

emergency response

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