Automatic registration of presence

In the MultiBel app you can automatically register the presence of employees. This can be done per location and per function, including warning in the event of understaffing. This means you can only alert employees present in the event of a calamity, people who can help immediately. You can therefore also be automatically warned if there are too few people at any location for a certain function, such as the company emergency response team. The monthly report is a handy tool to analyze the staffing and to show that you are doing well.

presence registration

Geofence, WIFI, Bluetooth or access control system?

Registering attendance can be done in all kinds of ways at MultiBel, each with advantages and disadvantages. This module has Geofence and WIFI as standard. For 99% of the applications, you can monitor presence and position on a large site as well as in high-rise buildings. We are happy to determine in consultation which system is suitable for you.

Privacy & GDPR

“I am now being followed 24/7 by my employer” is a fear some employees have, and rightly so. The answer is absolutely NO. MultiBel asks the app whether it is located at the employer’s location. The answer to this is only YES or NO. If the answer is NO, we will not ask where the app is located. MultiBel wants to alert people present, people who can help immediately in the event of an emergency. If this is not the case, we do not care about the location of the employee.

You determine which users gain insight into the presence of colleagues and are warned in the event of understaffing, eg the head of emergency response team.

attendance registration

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    Maikel Wijman,
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