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Fire Brigade Hamburg – Ministry of the Interior and Sports

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City of Hamburg / DE


Fire Brigade


Feuerwehr Hamburg

The task of the Feuerwehr Hamburg is to ward off fire, explosion or environmental hazards, to fight fires, to provide technical assistance in emergency and accidents as well as preventive fire protection. The fire brigade is involved in civil protection and is responsible for the evacuation of ordnance. The fire brigade is also involved in fire protection education and education. It ensures emergency rescue and ambulance transport in Hamburg and guarantees a high level of public emergency services.

The Hamburg Fire Brigade belongs to the Hamburg authority Authority for the Interior and Sports , which performs tasks in the area of public security and order. In addition, the interior agency is responsible for organizing all elections in Hamburg and coordinating civil protection. Other essential tasks of the authority are in the areas of the foreigners law of road traffic and sport.

MultiBel is used here for:

  • Alerting the central disaster service staff
  • Alerting in the event of a major loss situation
  • Alerting emergency doctors
  • Alerting emergency counseling
  • Alerting in the event of a terrorist attack