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Increase security with our man down app

With the man down app from MultiBel, your employees work alone with peace of mind. As an employer, it is important that you take adequate measures for the safety of your staff. MultiBel offers an affordable man down solution for all risk classes. Especially for high-risk occupations, MultiBel has developed a man down app that meets K21023 Mobile Security certification. If there is an emergency, the system will send a man down alarm to colleagues or a private alarm receiving centre within seconds. In doing so, a voice-listening connection can be initiated and the location of the victim will be sent along.

With MultiBel, you can decide which functionalities are needed for your desired security solution. The man down app features a personal emergency button, fall alarm, no-movement, periodic monitoring and is part of a certified emergency notification system.

MultiBel is used for many more applications than just as a man down system. The system is also used for notifying emergency response teams, evacuations and for reporting technical malfunctions. All in one system, working on the smartphone.

MultiBel offers various solutions that can be used in multiple industries, such as hospitals, municipalities, schools, industries and offices.

The power of the MultiBel man down alarm

man down app

Four forms of protection

Our man down app has four different forms of lone worker protection. An  emergency button, fall detection, non-movement and interval control. The parameters can be set in advance exactly according to your situation. If an alarm is triggered, the location of the victim is automatically sent to colleagues or an alarm receiving centre.

Overview of who is being protected in real time

The dashboard in which you can see in real time which colleagues use personal security provides you with insight into its use. You can also analyse past data. For example, if there are colleagues who often “forget”, you can also choose to have the security start automatically.

Overview of active lone workers
lone worker check message

Cost savings through man down app

In many sectors there is a 24-hour economy and colleagues often work alone at night. It is important that lone workers can quickly raise the alarm in dangerous situations. In case periodic checks are sufficient, many organizations use an alarm receiving centre, or a colleague/ security will periodically take a look. A man down app is less labor intensive and automates this process.

Reduce false alarms

False alarms are disastrous for the alertness of the emergency organization. We reduce false alarms by means of a pre-alarm. During the pre-alarm, the person working alone can still stop the alarm. If this does not happen within a pre-set time, a man down alarm is sent to colleagues or the alarm receiving centre. This pre-alarm is not used with the emergency button.

Pre-alarm man down app

Can the man down app replace hardware?

MultiBel’s man down app is the only smartphone solution with the K21023 Mobile Safety Certification. The certificate was drawn up by Kiwa in collaboration with the Dutch police. Because the same smartphone can also be used as a replacement for the pager and walkie-talkie, you have 3 security solutions in 1 app.

man down app
Indoor position lone worker app

Indoor and outdoor position determination

The sooner help is available for the lone worker, the greater the chance that damage can be limited. For this it is important that colleagues know where the lone worker is. Outdoor positioning works relatively simply. Using GPS, the location can be sent with an accuracy of just a few meters. GPS is not sufficient for indoor positioning. GPS cannot distinguish between high-rise buildings. Bluetooth transmitters are an option for this, but this requires additional expensive hardware. MultiBel’s man down app can determine indoor position by using WiFi routers. In this way the man down system can locate users at floor level. In addition, the man down app gives a loud signal, so that emergency responders can also rely on the sound.

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Man down alarm with five-fold certainty

To ensure safety, MultiBel can send alarms via various channels. The way in which someone can be reached varies from person to person, but also from moment to moment. The more channels you use to send an alarm, the greater the chance of reaching that person, even if your own infrastructure is damaged as a result of the disaster.






MultiBel reaches people via the man down app, if there is no response, the person is called on a maximum of 10 telephone numbers per person, we send an email, SMS and can also alert desktops if necessary. Until the person confirms that he can respond to a colleague’s call for help.




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    Maikel Wijman,
    Sales Consultant MultiBel

    Municipality Schagen: A. van Egmond

    We use MultiBel for the Emergency Response Team and the Crisis Team. The system can be armed by pressing an emergency button, by activating the fire alarm, or by reporting a calamity at the reception.

    Municipality Tholen: J.C.A. Moerings

    The delivery of MultiBel went well. A clear explanation has been given on site and the system has been delivered in good working order. The people who are called up have independently installed the app using the manual. If necessary, the Helpdesk is easily accessible.

    K. Hedke

    As a safety engineer, I can highly recommend the Multibel system, as it is suitable for a large number of areas of application. These range from the safe organization of the lone workplace, to first aid and fire protection to building services. Thanks to the flexible modular system, every company can find this across all industries individually fitting product. The users like the uncomplicated and well-functioning technology. If necessary, support from the competent and friendly staff is guaranteed at all times!


    After acute problems with our old man-down alarm, I found Multibel. Due to Multibel's quick response, a new man-down system was quickly made available to me. After some further research, it turned out that Multibel offered solutions to various problems related to the existing alarm process. Flexible, user-friendly and clear are the key words that characterize Multibel.

    Municipality Den Helder: M. Bakker and R. Wierda

    MultiBel still meets our expectations, a good product with good support and good implementation. Elements such as the test modes indicate that the application of the product and its users has been carefully considered.

    Marel Poultry B.V.

    We are currently conducting a pilot with MultiBel's extensive alarm system. In our organization, reliability is very important in the field of safety. To this end, we want to offer the right care and attention in the right place in the event of calamities. So far MultiBel has been able to fulfill this wish very well. We were well guided in the preliminary phase and the support team is also available at all times for questions during this pilot phase. The accessibility is also great! That is service that makes us happy.

    SUCONI Service, E. Rusinovci

    Our technicians are all equipped with tablets and smartphones with MultiBel, these act as a comprehensive lone worker protection system with many additional functions and our technicians are happy not to carry any additional hardware with them.

    More than a man down app

    attendance registration

    Man down system with attendance registration

    Through the MultiBel app you are informed in real time of the presence of your employees. Thanks to automatic presence registration, you are able to only call colleagues who are nearby. In addition, many employers are not aware when there are too few colleagues present. MultiBel can also send a notification in case of understaffing. This way you can be assured that sufficient help is available in the event of an emergency.

    Communicate with Push to Talk App

    Are your employees done carrying around extra hardware? Thanks to the walkie-talkie app, everyone already has their means of communication in their pocket. This way, care providers can coordinate faster next steps among themselves. Problems with the internet? Then MultiBel offers a telephone conference call.

    walkie talkie app
    Cloud Alarmserver logging

    Reporting unsafe situations

    Unsafe situations can also arise during nighttime situations. MultiBel makes it possible to report unsafe situations. The user can create a notification in the app and add a photo of the environment. In this way, all notifications can be logged in the MultiBel system. In addition, users can communicate with each other via text messages and photos and videos can be shared in the logging.

    Tips for choosing a man down system

    There are many different options to increase the safety of your employees. Do you opt for a man down system via the smartphone or for an additional device? We have drawn up a number of selection questions for you to easily determine what your ideal man down solution looks like.

    selection man down system

    Man down alarm – what are the obligations?

    With regard to lone workers, there are specific regulations for certain professions such as divers. In addition, young people under the age of 18 are not allowed to work without supervision. For most professions, the employer must identify all situations in which employees work alone. These situations are described in the risk inventory and evaluation. This describes who works alone, where and when. In addition, the employer must describe what measures are required to combat possible risks.

    Every employer is responsible for the safety of personnel working alone. Employers must arrange the following matters:

    1. See whether working alone can be avoided
    2. Make an inventory of all risks when carrying out the work
    3. Take additional control measures
    4. Establish procedures for working alone
    5. Provide information to employees about working alone
    6. Supervise, depending on the risks

    Our man down app recognizes a fall or when users stop moving. In addition, employees have the option to start an alarm via the app via an emergency button. Through attendance registration, the man down system knows which employees are present. In addition, the persons present are informed of the location of the incident. This way time can be saved.

    Would you rather call a Alarm Receiving Centre? Or escalate if no one responds? In the system you can set who will be called per scenario.

    How does our man down system work

    With our Kiwa certified man down system, an automatic alarm is generated when the smartphone detects a fall or bump, someone does not move or someone presses an emergency button themselves. The parameters of the man down app can be set in advance. This way you can determine for yourself at which values the man down system will trigger an alarm. When the values entered for, for example, the fall alarm are exceeded, the pre-alarm starts. The duration of this alarm is also adjustable. This gives people the option to stop an alarm, for example in the event of a false alarm. If the pre-alarm is not stopped, an alarm will automatically be sent to colleagues or the PAC.

    The advantage of a man down system is that an alarm is triggered when users are unable to start something themselves due to, for example, unconsciousness. The man down system is therefore often used at locations with high risks of slipping or falling or for employees with medical conditions, employees who are often in contact with violence or other dangerous environments.

    Curious how MultiBel can solve your man down issue?