What is MultiBel? video 2021

What is MultiBel 2021? Want to know more about MultiBel? Would you like to try MultiBel? Contact us for a demo and discuss the options tailored to your needs and situation.

Scan QR code to start an Emergency Alert

Scan QR-code start the alarm An alarm with MultiBel can be initiated in several ways. One of our customers indicated the wish to do this by means of a QR-code. The customer wanted a simple way to alert the company emergency response team. It should be immediately recognizable where the QR-code exactly [...]

Technisch Beheer Nederland (TBN) in co-operation with MultiBel

Technisch Beheer Nederland (TBN) enters into co-operation with MultiBel. Technisch Beheer Nederland (TBN) enters into co-operation with MultiBel. The organisation, with headquarters in IJsselstijn, hopes to make an improvement in automation and efficiency with the new alarm solution. Sabine de Lange, managementassistent of TBN, explains the choice for MultiBel: [...]

Tips: fast & efficient emergency notification

Effective emergency notification vs chaos Why do some organizations alert quickly & efficiently and others don't? We are happy to provide you with a number of tools to improve the emergency notification system in order to not have chaos when structure is a prerequisite. Preventing alarm fatigue Easy [...]

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