What is MultiBel? video 2021

What is MultiBel 2021? Want to know more about MultiBel? Would you like to try MultiBel? Contact us for a demo and discuss the options tailored to your needs and situation.

Scan QR code to start an Emergency Alert

Scan QR-code start the alarm An alarm with MultiBel can be initiated in several ways. One of our customers indicated the wish to do this by means of a QR-code. The customer wanted a simple way to alert the company emergency response team. It should be immediately recognizable where the QR-code exactly [...]

Adrz: 1st hospital with evacuation system in the cloud

Adrz improves fire safety by using a wireless hospital evacuation system. Adrz improves fire safety by using a wireless hospital evacuation system. Adrz is a regional hospital in the Netherlands that offers care at several locations in the Dutch province "Zeeland". As an inspection body specialized in fire safety, Kiwa [...]

De Waalboog evacuation alarm system in the cloud

De Waalboog has the first cloud based NEN2575-4 evacuation alarm system The care organisation De Waalboog (Nijmegen, the Netherlands) improves fire safety by installing the first Private Cloud NEN2575-4 evacuation alarm system. De Waalboog is one of the larger healthcare organizations in the Nijmegen region (Netherlands) and the first healthcare institution [...]

Why use an evacuation system based on smartphones instead of pagers??

Why does the market want a Cloud based smartphone silent alarm evacuation system instead of pagers? An evacuation system helps save lives. Detecting a fire or other calamity quickly is one thing, but a quick and safe way of evacuation is just as important. However, it is not so self-evident [...]

Computable awards 2021

Computable awards 2021: MultiBel nominated The Computable Awards are the most important ICT prizes that are awarded annually to companies, projects and individuals that have clearly distinguished themselves in the past year. MultiBel has been nominated by Computable as one of the 10 best software providers of 2021!  nomination: MultiBel makes pager unnecessary [...]

K21047 Wireless Silent Alarm System (WSAS) certified

MultiBel is the first company to be certified according to Kiwa K21047 Wireless Silent Alarm System (WSAS). MultiBel B.V. is the first emergency notification system to be certified according to our certification scheme Kiwa K21047 for Wireless Silent Alarm Systems. The certification is based on European standards. Our MultiBel certification [...]

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