Samsung XCover: Smartphone with alarm button

Samsung XCover smartphone with built-in alarm button Aggression is unfortunately becoming increasingly common in the workplace. Many of our customers ensure that their employees can work more safely. To do so, they use an alarm button as part of our lone worker module. MultiBel currently has an emergency button available [...]

Scenario: nursing home patient missing

Scenario: Nursing home patient goes missing If, due to for instance wandering, a nursing home patient is missing employees must be alerted and start looking as soon as possible. In many organizations, colleagues are alerted by asking around, following a calling tree or informing each other through WhatsApp. Anyone who [...]

Tips: fast & efficient emergency notification

Effective emergency notification vs chaos Why do some organizations alert quickly & efficiently and others don't? We are happy to provide you with a number of tools to improve the emergency notification system in order to not have chaos when structure is a prerequisite. Preventing alarm fatigue Easy [...]

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