A mobile alarm button? Does MultiBel now also sell hardware?

The short answer is:

“No, MultiBel does not sell hardware”.

We do have a number of products, both hardware and software, that we regularly link to. The aim is always to alert, inform or communicate as quickly as possible. For example, we have been linking our emergency notification software to, for example, fire alarm systems, alarm buttons, man down devices, etc. for a very long time.

The alarm buttons that were linked were in many cases fixed emergency buttons and therefore had a fixed location. A clear example are the aggression / panic buttons that are located under the counter of a reception desk or table in a meeting room.

We also regularly linked lone worker devices that organizations already use. In general they then wanted to improve the process and speed of the emergency notification process. We in these cases often come across TWIG buttons.

From our KIWA-certified lone worker app with interval monitoring, fall detection and motion detection, we continued to look at possibilities for mobile alarm buttons. This to include a form of personal alarm in our proposition. A precondition was a simple button with a low purchase value that would make as many lone workers as possible feel protected at work without a high investment.

There are many different mobile alarm buttons on the market. They differ in price, quality, durability and mounting options. We have made a choice for a specific bluetooth alarm button which we have tested with our software together with our customers.

Which alarm button has been selected?

Flic alarmknop

Our choice fell on a mobile alarm button with a Bluetooth connection to the MultiBel app on the smartphone. The bluetooth alarm button that we have chosen comes from the supplier “Flic”. Flic is a Swedish company headquartered in Stockholm.

The Flic button has a purchase price of approximately 20 euros. You can buy this yourself directly from Flic or an internet shop (such as for instance Mediamarkt, Coolblue, Amazon or Bol) or have it arranged by us during the installation (at cost price). The cost of Flic is low, the experience is ample and the battery life in the Flic 2 alarm button is approximately 3 years.

To be clear: you only need the alarm button. The flic app, hubs, etc. are all unnecessary for our system. Linking the Flic bluetooth alarm button is easy in our MultiBel app, but we are happy to support you.

Why not opt for the brand that we already encountered at the customer?

As mentioned earlier, we come across TWIG buttons a lot. We believe that due to the higher purchase price of the TWIG, this button is only used by a limited number of lone workers. This while a broader expansion of use benefits the safety of employees.

Does this mean that other buttons can no longer be linked?

No, there are still many alarm buttons that can be linked to MultiBel. If you already have a model in use, please contact us and we will be happy to look at the possibilities for you.

We are happy to support you in the choice for the best solution for your case, without interest in the hardware you in the end choose. We are happy to put you in touch with the companies that sell the hardware or can supply the hardware (via the supplier’s warranty) for you at no extra cost.

Why is MultiBel necessary in addition to a physical alarm button?

MultiBel is primarily an alerting platform. Scenarios are recorded in our alarm software, attendance is registered, responses are recorded, information is exchanged, communicated, escalated, etc. In short, we ensure that the right information ends up in the right place and provide you with a dashboard with responses on which you can proceed. to steer.

Having good quality hardware without an alarm process behind it is like having the latest PC without software. i.e. MultiBel ultimately ensures that something can actually happen when you press the alarm button.

Why choose MultiBel as an alarm solution with an alarm button?

An important reason to use MultiBel is that MultiBel is the only Cloud-based alarm solution that has both a Kiwa certificate K21023 “Mobile security of persons” and a K21047 “Wireless Silent Alarm System” certificate.

This latter certification makes it possible for MultiBel to be used as an evacuation system at healthcare institutions and hospitals, for example. We dare to say that this is one of the most “strict” certifications in the field of alarms. This certificate is a generic quality mark that all our customers benefit from. It shows that MultiBel meets the requirements for system availability, security, monitoring and redundancy.

The certification shows that our systems are tested annually and meet the standards that have been set.

Personal alarm via the MultiBel app?

Alarmknop App

The MultiBel lone worker protection also offers an alarm button in the app. This  app works like a personal alarm if you have your smartphone at hand. i.e. if you have access to the phone then it works perfectly.

The personal mobile alarm button can still be of added value to the personal alarm app. Think of a time when you are in a situation where you cannot access the app; you often cannot take a smartphone out of your pocket or handbag quickly if you are attacked by an aggressive client, for example. In this case, you need to have a quick, easy and safe solution at hand.

How can I attach / wear the personal alarm button?

The Flic button was originally developed for “smart homes”. Imagine yourself: you press the button and all lights go off, the alarm is turned on and the thermostat is turned down. These buttons are therefore primarily designed to stick on, for example, a table or wall in the house.

In the further development of the Flic button, attention has been given to wearing the alarm button. For example, the Flic alarm button can be worn by sliding the metal clip over the button. This allows you to attach the personal alarm button to, for example, your clothing, necklace, belt or bag. If you are interested in the “Flic 2 Metal Clip”, you can order it from Flic, an internet shop of your choice or contact us.

We are in talks with Flic, among others, to develop several mounting options. i.e. keep an eye on our blogs for more info. We have some concepts ready that we are testing currently. If you want to think together with us about the designs, please contact us.

Why is a speak-listen connection necessary?

With the bluetooth alarm button from Flic, the speaking-listening connection works via the telephone. When the personal alarm button is pressed, a speaking and listening connection opens immediately. In the personal alarm system of Twig, for example, this speaking and listening connection is often integrated into the hardware.

Is the current location sent after pressing the alarm button?

This information is provided to the recipients via the MultiBel Professional system. Your Sales Consultant can best show you this in a Demo. Together with you we can decide how the location can best be determined.

How can I use the MultiBel bluetooth alarm button?

Whether your MultiBel package is already suitable for using the personal alarm system with the bluetooth alarm button depends on the package you are now purchasing from MultiBel. Contact your Sales Consultant, who will explain the options applied to your situation.

Frequently asked questions about MultiBel the alarm button:

  • Can the alarm button be linked to MultiBel Standard?

No, you need MultiBel Professional for this.

  • How many people can I alert?

This number depends on your MultiBel Professional package.

  • Can I alert only those people who are present? Can I escalate?

Who is alerted can be fully defined in the system. Much attention is paid to this when setting up your MultiBel Professional package.

  • Can I link to a Private Alarm Center

Yes this is possible.

Do you want to know more?

Would you like to try MultiBel’s mobile alarm button? Or would you like more information about the possibilities of MultiBel in combination with your personal alarm system? Contact us for a no-obligation demo and discuss the options tailored to your wishes and situation.

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