Fall detection app for Lone Worker Safety

The MultiBel solution for lone workers contains several options to guarantee the safety of your employees:

Fall detection for Lone workers

Fall detection means that the system detects that the employee falls down. At that moment a signal is sent out asap in order that others are alerted to offer help.

When selecting a lone worker solution with fall detection, the exact usage is always an important topic. In many situations the smartphone app is a good and accessible solution, but there are also situations where, for example, the smartphone may not be worn, or where another hardware solution is already available.

Fall detection Lone worker

Fall detection app on a smartphone

If the smartphone’s sensors exceed a predetermined value in the Lone Worker app, a fall detection notification is sent. The location of the victim is immediately sent along with the alarm. A 2-way voice connection also opens in the victim’s lone worker app. This makes it possible to communicate directly with the victim.

Fall detection with hardware

If you want to use hardware instead of fall detection in the lone worker app, that is also an option. MultiBel works as a platform for alerting, informing and communicating. Hardware can easily be linked to the platform. For example, we often link other hardware, ranging from fire alarm panels to emergency buttons. We regularly come across hardware from TWIG for fall detection. We are happy to put you in touch with the supplier for the exact choice of the right hardware.

MultiBel lone worker solutions

Due to the versatility and flexibility of the platform, MultiBel offers a solution for lone workers in all risk classes. If an organization opts for MultiBel, the specific interpretation can be filled in for each individual. For example, it may be sufficient to put an alarm button under the counter at the reception, to alert colleagues in the adjacent offices, and in case your employee work in a warehouse or production hall it might be required to have a fall detection that alerts the emergency response team.

Fall detection app
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Reporting to colleagues or a PAC

Whether you opt for reporting to colleagues or a Private Alarm Center (PAC) depends on your wishes. Most of our customers choose to send an alert to a direct colleague. The reason for this is that MultiBel always has insight into who is present in the area. As a result the possibility to provide assistance as soon as possible is maximized.

Why fall detection via smartphone?

It is not always possible to opt for a fall detection solution in the MultiBel app. This largely depends on the risk class, but also whether the person is allowed to carry a smartphone.

In case the smartphone with fall detection solution is of interest to you, we are happy to explain the features of our solution:

Lone worker app:

  • no additional hardware required, works on the “normal” smartphone
  • exact indoor/outdoor position determination
  • 2-way communication after a fall detection
  • flexible on/off by the lone worker
  • can work location independent (no separate network required)
  • MultiBel is the only lone worker app with K21023 certification “Mobile security of persons” (see certified companies)

What can MultiBel offer additional?

Regardless whether you use the Lone worker (including fall detection) on the smartphone or additional hardware, MultiBel can add value.

The MultiBel alarm platform offers:

  • Possibility to alert (present) employees
  • Always insight into who is present
  • Integrated incident management – insight into alarms and reactions
  • Alarm via MultiBel app, telephony, email, SMS, etc
  • Ability to connect to Private Alarm Center
  • High reliability of 99.95%. MultiBel is even certified with the K21047 Wireless Silent Alarm System certificate.
  • Platform can also be used for other applications than working alone, such as emergency response teams, crisis notifications, IT alerting, fire alerting, etc.
  • Possibility to link hardware such as emergency buttons, fire alarm panels, etc

MultiBel lone worker certification

Kiwa has created up the K21023 certification scheme. MultiBel has the first (and yet the only) lone worker app that has received this certification. To obtain this quality mark, a Kiwa auditor checks the organization and the entire system every year.

Try MultiBel Lone worker with fall detection now.

Wilt u MultiBel alleenwerken met de valdetectie app proberen? Of wil u meer weten over de mogelijkheden met hardware? Neem contact met ons op voor een vrijblijvende demo en bespreek de mogelijkheden toegespitst op uw wensen en uw situatie.