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Crisis communication is the sending and receiving of information that is important in dealing with a crisis situation. Communication during emergencies is crucial for a fast and adequate approach. With the Emergency app or crisis communication app from MultiBel, you are able to respond flexible to a changing situation. The reality of a crisis is often different than what is previously thought. MultiBel is a SaaS crisis software that can minimize the impact of this unexpected event.

Some messages are important, but not urgent, for example communicating via email on Saturdays that all employees have to work from home from Monday. But things change when they are urgent messages. An aggressive threat, a technical malfunction, IT problems, an accident with an injury, an acute infectious disease. In these types of events, a crisis communication app or crisis software is required and every second counts.

With MultiBel, our customers are able to immediately initiate crisis communication to the crisis teams and monitor responses in real time. Personal injury, image damage, financial damage, all things that are minimized by this. MultiBel offers 2 packages, a free crisis app MultiBel Standard, and a paid crisis software MultiBel Professional.

The power of MultiBel as a crisis communication app

Communication during a crisis.

Crisis communication starts with sending the alarm message, but it doesn’t stop there. During a calamity it is important to be able to communicate with each other constantly. MultiBel offers the possibility to communicate via voice as well as via text messages. You can use our conference call or walkie-talkie function by voice. By means of our chat module it is possible to schedule and record tasks.

Crisis Communication App
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Crisis management is simplified by knowing who is where.

During a crisis you have to make 100% of the decisions with 50% of the knowledge. Knowing which employees are present at the crisis location provides additional knowledge for crisis management. The presence registration works via the iOS and Android crisis app and works on the basis of WiFi, geofencing, bluetooth or an existing access control system. This gives you the opportunity to determine in advance per scenario whether you want to alert everyone or only people present. As a crisis team, you can also follow the current staffing per position and per location in real time and be automatically alerted via the calamities app in the event of under-staffing of essential functions.

Critical Event Management

Emergencies can have huge consequences. Every organisation has to deal with them, from IT problems to evacuations. Our CEM module helps you prepare and provides visibility during crisis management. Ultimately, this leads to damage limitation.

Critical Event Management
Crisis alarm app

The crisis plan often lacks the chapter on crisis communication.

Large companies have a business continuity manager, crisis plans, crisis teams and yet most evaluations show that crisis communication often goes wrong. A lot of time is spent identifying vulnerabilities and possible disruptions, working out the scenarios and then during the crisis meeting it turns out that everything is different. The crisis approach must be different, the change must be communicated and unfortunately that often goes via an email, a call list or a WhatsApp group. There is no guarantee that the message will be read immediately or an overview of who will respond. By integrating our communication tool into the crisis plan from the outset, you are able to respond ad hoc to the changed reality during the crisis meeting.

Crisis communication app with five-fold security

More than just a crisis communication application, MultiBel can reach your employees different channels. The way to reach someone differs from person to person, but also from moment to moment. The more channels you use, the greater the chance of reaching that person. Even if the disaster has damaged your own infrastructure. MultiBel uses a crisis app that breaks the silent mode, if there is no response, MultiBel calls 10 phone numbers per person, an email, text messages are sent and desktops can be notified. Until someone answers.






MultiBel Professional works with predefined scenarios. You can create unlimited scenarios, functions and locations. Each group hears and reads the instructions associated with his or her role.




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    How do I select the best crisis software?

    We have drawn up selection questions based on our discussions with customers. These can help to determine the requirements of your crisis communication software. MultiBel offers two solutions: a free version and a modular solution. With these questions we help you find the right solution.

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    Chaos or efficient crisis communication?

    Why does one organization alert quickly & efficiently and not another? We are happy to give you a number of tools to improve crisis communication so that chaos does not arise when there should be order.

    Mainfreight: I. Jansen

    Emergency Response notification system with many possibilities to set up scenarios yourself and to alert a large group of people in a simple way. They think in solutions and are constantly improving the system.

    Signify: F. Smits en P. de Wildt

    The MultiBel system can easily follow our growing organization.

    Diakonessenhuis (Hospital): H. Kuipers

    In the past MultiBel was a “flat” system and can best be compared to a call list. MultiBel is becoming more and more extensive and offers more possibilities. So we can use it more selectively, tailored to the need for additional support or information, at any given time.

    Cygnific: S. Brandsma

    It is very nice that you can always call so that the helpdesk or account manager can think along or watch. MultiBel is very easy to use at the same time. The system works very intuitively: it has buttons and fields with a clear explanation.

    Efectis Nederland BV: R. de Feijter

    Since February 2019 we have been using the Multibel app at Efectis. In addition to a manual alarm via a tablet at the reception, we also opted for automatic alarm in the event of a fire and the use of the emergency buttons in our fire lab via the IP detector. We have defined different groups in Multibel (first aid, first aid, breathing apparatus and crisis team), so that we can call on the right people at any time.

    R. Ouden

    Nice application that allows you to scale up your organization in one go and call up a large selected group of employees. The application offers many options in the field of emergency response and crisis management.

    Municipality Den Helder (NL): M. Bakker en R. Wierda

    It was implemented very fast! MultiBel is really very user-friendly.

    Marente: N. Kamerman

    I find the way of working with the account manager pleasant. MultiBel immediately understands what it is about.

    Roessingh: E. van Hul

    It is a nice, easy system and very user-friendly. You do not often see in this area that it is understandable without consulting the manual.

    Zorgpartners Midden-Holland: H. Bos

    The application offers all the options that Zorgpartners Midden-Holland wanted (MultiBel is used for alerting the emergency response team and the crisis team)

    Coram Group: E. Kaales

    From the first contact to the installation of the app, it was super efficient and with a good explanation. Clear and clear communication and the app is really easy to use. It can be used by every emergency response team.

    Kölner Zoo

    We are very satisfied with MultiBel and we can recommend MultiBel.

    Universitätsmedizin Göttingen: F. Nitzke

    The implementation of the MultiBel system went very well and a seamless transition from the old to the new system was successfully implemented.

    Universitätsmedizin Göttingen: F. Nitzke

    As expected, the system setup process did not cause any problems.

    Oleon NV: L. Vermaercke

    In the meantime, we have been working with the Multibel emergency notification system for more than 1 year for alerting both our internal intervention team and for our various crisis management teams (depending on the scenario). The ease of use of the system means that the input of the necessary data, the preparation of the scenarios, but also the implementation of the system in the organization runs quickly and correctly. The cooperation with and the support of the Multibel team ensures that the system runs quickly and correctly.

    SUCONI Service, E. Rusinovci

    Our technicians are all equipped with tablets and smartphones with MultiBel, these act as a comprehensive lone worker protection system with many additional functions and our technicians are happy not to carry any additional hardware with them.

    DAK-Gesundheit Zentrale

    The MultiBel system is intuitive to use and very clear. Scalability and the support-oriented approach of the MultiBel team are the driving force behind our emergency organisation.

    DENSO GmbH

    MultiBel was the only way we could still reliably spread information. All crisis communication was possible exclusively via MultiBel.

    District Government Dusseldorf: S. Jansen

    All MultiBel applications have in common that the right people receive the right information within seconds at the push of a button. Configurable cascades and the possibility of being able to take into account the presence of certain people guarantee us that the alarm is targeted.

    LUMC: L. van der Linden

    The app is very user-friendly. Each department has its own list in the app, with one person keeping the list. We can protect that only the people who keep the list can see all the data. So in terms of privacy and data protection it is also good.

    Crisis management through a crisis communication app – emergency app

    MultiBel Standard is a FREEMIUM crisis app, a stripped down version of our crisis management software MultiBel Professional. An alarm is also sent via the crisis app, telephone (max 1 number p.p.) and email, but activating an emergency scenario in Standard can only be done via the crisis app itself. In Professional you can start crisis communication via the emergency app, online, by telephone, emergency button or linked software and hardware, for example a monitoring system or a fire alarm control panel.

    In addition, you can create crisis scenarios in advance in our emergency app & emergency software MultiBel Professional. As a crisis team, you therefore determine in advance which functions will receive an emergency notification. There is however a possibility to supplement the existing message with additional information during activation, for example the location of the incident. This way you can easily respond to changing circumstances. You cannot create scenarios in advance in MultiBel Standard; the activator will record the message on site at the time of activation. The only variable in Standard is to alert everyone or just attendees.

    Another big difference is that MultiBel Standard is a free crisis app, while MultiBel Professional is crisis software that can meet even the most complex needs. More than 1/3 of the Dutch hospitals use MultiBel Professional for the consultation of the crisis teams, just like many other government organizations and companies.

    Our crisis app ensures that the right people receive the right message at the right time during a emergency alert. Recipients can confirm or decline their arrival, indicate a time limit within which they will be present view view task cards and communicate with each other via the communication module. The results of the crisis communication can be followed in real-time in a dashboard by people with the right rights. More than 1,000 customers choose our crisis management system because it is a solution that runs in secure data centers. It is therefore also available if your own infrastructure no longer functions due to the crisis. We guarantee 99.95% availability of the crisis software