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Municipality Assen

Ben de Geest

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Assen/ NL




MultiBel at Municipality Assen

The building in which work is carried out is large. It is necessary to have a good (reliable and simple) solution for alerting the ER / First Aid. MultiBel was already chosen as an emergency response system in 2007.

We recently had 4 companies to inquire about our experiences with MultiBel. Fortunately, I can only be positive about that. I hope that several municipalities are on the same tour with regard to alarms.

An evacuation is practiced once a year at the Municipality of Assen. If there has been a false alarm situation, it will also be evaluated as an exercise. In addition to practicing an evacuation, the emergency response team also performs an accident in the home. MultiBel is also used in this exercise.

I am amazed at what has been achieved by MultiBel in recent years; many new techniques and possibilities have been added.

MultiBel is used for:

  • Emergency notification of Emergency Response Team