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MultiBel at Municipality Den Helder

Previously, the Municipality of Den Helder worked with a solution on location from another provider. An alternative was sought that is more scalable and flexible, offers more security in the alarm and is also more accessible to the user.

MultiBel is used here for alerting the Intervention teams (at the public counters) and alerting the emergency response and first aid teams. The Municipality of Den Helder also uses MultiBel for the crisis organization, in order to approach the different disciplines quickly in the event of a GRIP emergency involving scaling up. In principle, the GRIP calamities are done by the Security Region, but the municipality supports the Security Region in reaching the right people quickly and easily.

MultiBel is linked to alarm buttons at the public counters, which means that the intervention team is quickly called up. The Fire Reporting Center at the municipality of Den Helder is also linked to MultiBel. In case an emergency response officer or first aid worker is needed, a call is made to the reception. The receptionist uses a touchscreen web console to activate MultiBel. In the event of a GRIP calamity, the officer on duty is called and further dispatches it with MultiBel.

The implementation of MultiBel went smoothly. The municipality quickly had a demo environment. MultiBel’s interface is quick to understand and easy to understand. It is easy to, for example, record sound files, link scenarios or create people.

It was live in a short time! MultiBel is really very user-friendly.

The Municipality of Den Helder is very pleased with the working method of MultiBel and the companies that are linked to MultiBel. Any problems are (quickly) followed up, solved in a customer-friendly manner and fed back.

MultiBel still meets our expectations, a good product with good support and good implementation. Elements such as the test modes, for example, indicate that the application of the product and its users has been carefully considered.

MultiBel is used for:

  • Emergency notification in case of fire by the connection with the Fire Alarm System.

  • Emergency notification CERT

  • Emergency notification of the intervention teams by the use of alarm buttons.
  • Notification system (with conference call) in the Crisis organisation.