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Hans Kuipers

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Utrecht/ NL




The Diakonessenhuis Utrecht, Zeist, Doorn (the Netherlands) was founded by the Diakonessenhuis in 1844. The oldest Diakonessenhuis in the Netherlands is now a progressive general hospital and recognized training hospital.

The Diakonessenhuis offers a wide range of care and is specialized in emergency care, obstetrics and related care for women and children, in various treatments for people with cancer and tailor-made care for the elderly.

MultiBel at the Diakonessenhuis

We have been a MultiBel customer since 2008. Before that, we all called people in an emergency situation manually by the use of calling trees. In the event of a minor emergency, the reception called everyone. With MultiBel we could notify people much faster and better without manual intervention and without overloading our system. Not unimportant was the fact that we did not have to make any changes to our existing systems.

In the past MultiBel was a “flat” system and can best be compared to a call list. MultiBel is becoming more and more extensive and offers more possibilities. So we can use it more selectively, tailored to the need for additional support or information, at any given time.

Because MultiBel has a modular structure, we have critically looked at what we needed as an organization and what we could really use.

The administration of data in MultiBel is an important subject for us. The system stands or falls with the correct data. The data, such as personal data and telephone numbers, is often available elsewhere in the organization. We now want to see if we can roll out the decentralized management module. In addition, it will be examined whether MultiBel can be linked to our P&O system and the roster system in the future.

A little piece of advice for my colleagues: In MultiBel you can enter several telephone numbers per contact. We always put one telephone number per employee in the system twice. We notice that this positively influences the response and attendance rates in the evening / night; the first time we wake up colleagues and the second time we make sure they answer the phone.

MultiBel is used for:

  • Emergency notification and communication within the Hospital Integral Crisisplan

  • Alerting and communication for the Emergency Aid
  • Alerting and communication for the Crisisteam