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The Reinier de Graaf hospital has been providing care to the inhabitants of Delft and the surrounding area for almost eight centuries. 2,600 employees work at the Reinier de Graaf hospital, including more than 200 medical specialists and almost 800 nurses. Approximately 450,000 people can call on our hospital, which has 481 beds, for care in their immediate vicinity. It is a broad basic hospital, with extra attention for the care of mother and child, the elderly and oncology patients.

MultiBel at Reinier de Graaf hospital

Why MultiBel?

Before 2012, call lists were used and calls were made manually. A system was needed to get a large group of additional healthcare personnel to the hospital within a short period of time, preferably at the push of a button.

MultiBel is the company that is most specialized in reaching large groups safely and reliably.

How was the implementation of MultiBel?

Delivery and implementation went well. In the beginning it was time consuming to get the correct data in the MultiBel system. Nowadays we only have to make small changes.

When will MultiBel be used?

MultiBel is used for the ZiROP.

In addition, MultiBel is used for direct communication to the care department. With MultiBel, a voice message is then simply sent.

If there is a major internal emergency, MultiBel is used to alert the support services (technicians for, for example, the power and data supply, or transport employees).

MultiBel is also used for alarms about CBRN (chemical, biological or radiological / nuclear substances).

How often is MultiBel used?

MultiBel is practiced once a quarter.

Is the support of the helpdesk and are the online manuals as desired?

The Helpdesk is occasionally contacted.

We haven’t needed the manuals yet. The system is easy to understand and is usually explained in consultation with MultiBel.

Are functionalities missed within MultiBel?

Reinier de Graaf hospital still sees opportunities for MultiBel to become an even larger market leader. This is being discussed with MultiBel.

MultiBel is used for:

  • Alerting in the Hospital Integral Crisis Plan

  • Communication to the care departments
  • Alerting to support services
  • Alerting about CBRN (chemical, bacteriological, radiological, or nuclear)